Why Anthem Should Scare You | Has EA Destroyed Bioware?

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Why Anthem Should Scare You | Has EA Destroyed Bioware? 4.5
It's interesting how 2017 has changed how people view Anthem and its developer Bioware. Starters Battlefront 2 and EA decision making has overshadowed Anthem and its gameplay reveal that came at e3. With everything that AAA publishers have brought us this year, its becoming harder to be truly exciting about their games. However, there are a few reasons why Anthem may be something that gaming and gamers should be a bit less hyped about. This is more than just star wars, this is more than EA and bioware, this is more than just the trailer.

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Please check out Kasper on SoundCloud for some of the music used here! What do you guys think about Anthem? What do you want to see from the game? What are your fears for the game and how do you think EA will handle the game when it comes to the decisions discussed in the video? Also, how do you feel about Bioware?

Twitter: Cleanprincegame

Автор — Cleanprincegaming


Bioware is just a corpse nowadays. Important members like the creative director of dragon age left the studio. Dragon Age Inquisition was built to the ground to be MMO, it was insultingly clear the more you played. EA ripped apart the value of Bioware's IP, if Anthem fails to be a version of FIFA billion dollar gambling scheme the studio is doomed.

Автор — Fábio Souza Medeiros Jr


I don't care how good Anthem looks. It is going to go the way of Destiny. Think you bought all the DLC day one?? NOPE! they will all but lock you out of the game if you you don't pay for every DLC along the way. I hope people heed your warning. This game will not come cheap or complete.

Автор — Relyea


Anyone that defends Bioware and Anthem by saying, "No, guiz, it'll be okay. Just wait and see." - take out a picture of Mass Effect Andromeda (y'know, because you wisely didn't buy it just like everyone else) and slap the shit out of them across the face with it while screaming "YOU SAID THE SAME THING THEN, TOO!". EA is kill. Bioware is kill. Anthem is kill. They are dead. Avoid.

Автор — matchesburn


EA Kills Franchises.

EA Kills Developers.

EA Kills Dreams.

Do Not Hold Out Hope. It's EA.

Автор — tranz2deep


Bioware has been dead ever since Dragon Age 2. "Streamlined" really does mean dumbed down where they are concerned. Taking out the behavior system from Dragon Age was stupid. You could easily automate your characters in Origins, somewhat in DA2 (or just play a Blood Mage and solo 90% of the game) and in Inquisition you can't even reliably tell your party members to hold position because half the time they ignore it.

Mass Effect had it's overpowered class also, the soldier. Soldier in ME was invincible with Colossus 10 armor, ME2 insanity was a joke with soldier/viper sniper rifle (relevant ammo), etc. If you wanted a challenge in insanity you had to play a tech class (especially 2, the Engineer was garbage on higher difficulties).

Автор — Chompy Said


The moment they announced Anthem after axing Mass Effect, I knew Bioware is dead. Sorry fan boys, Bioware is just a husk of its former self with EA's hand now controlling the husk.

Автор — Laughing.Man.d8D


So how does this effect you as a player? Simple, pirate all the games that EA publishes, every single dollar you give to this company makes it that it lives a lot longer, for that reason i won't buy ME3 or dragon age 2 even though i have played 3 times tough each of them. I will e happy when EA announces bankruptcy, but judging by the amount of sheer idiots that keep buying madden and fifa and throwing money inside those games, this might take a while, but i'm doing my part, are you?

Автор — lifemetall


seeing how EA has destroyed everything else so far...



I mean, the games won't work at all when the company only wants money and their employees are being hired for gender, skin color and whining, rather than merit and experience

Автор — Bildnis DS


You just don't invite your ex cheating girlfriend for diner....

Автор — Assultica


Understand the founders left Bioware a few years ago. So no more blind trust should be put into this company as they are now totally different and as you said their quality has gone down immensely. Keep up the good work

Автор — Michael Coffey


I will be clear, I am big Bioware fan. I don't think that ME3 was bad, I actually enjoyed MEA a lot and I love DA:I. I don't think that DLCs and Lootboxes are bad if done right. I don't think that Bioware is bad. With that being said, even I grow more concern because it just feels like EA is trying to kill everything Bioware ever tried to be. I am really hopeful for Anthem and possible DA4, but damn, I am simply scared because of the EA that just keeps stabbing Bioware over and over again. EA just needs to chill the fuck down unless they want to destroy a really great game company.

Автор — Ram Kitten


Giant, completed-on-release single player games is ALL i want.

Автор — Popcorn Sutton


I object to your use of Scrooge McDuck as an example of EA as a negative here since Scrooge isn't actually financially malicious or tight, he just wants people like Donald, Huey, Louie, and Dewey to not solely rely on the wealth he's generated over years, but for them to learn the importance of making your own way in the world and earning a living for yourself. It's very likely once they show such initiative he'll leave them his vast fortune when he dies anyway.

So to compare it to EA is frankly insulting to Scrooge McDuck.

Автор — Haru Totetsu


Hey, Mass Effect 3’s ending wasn’t that bad. It was a mistake, but all studio’s make mistakes.

Автор — Fucking Butter


If *EA* bought all hospitals in the world every baby will come from *Lootbox*

Автор — SkullGM


It Feels like video games are slowly dieing

Автор — Sakeman 24383


I am so unbelievably happy I came across this channel. Keep it up man. This is great content.

Автор — CountJinsula


Anthem is just going to be pretty looking garbage. Gamers should boycott it. THEN they finally might learn. People should play Warframe if they want pay to win & save $60.

Автор — Michael Costa