10 Craziest Late Stoppages in MMA

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10 Craziest Late Stoppages in MMA 4.5

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Wow. I’m absolutely shocked by that last clip lol. Also, even as a huge MMA fan this is hard to watch. It really makes me pretty annoyed that these refs are so incompetent. Thank God for big John.

Author — Lucas Gomes


"Is there a ref here tonight?"
Drunk guy raises his hand.
"Alright, you'll do."
Jesus Christ.

Author — CTB


This is why a lot of refs stop fights early rather than later. It’s the most important job for the safety of these fighters and many refs get death threats by blood crazed fans for stopping fights early.

Author — Cecilio Virgen


I get so freaking uncomfortable when I see people getting choked for too long

Author — Basti S.


This is hard to watch. Those ref committed non action attempted murder.
In cases as such, when in doubt, stop the fight. It is better to have an early stoppage and a late one as life at stake.

Author — original sin


“He gets devastated by a BEAUTIFUL right kick to the face” sir that’s not beautiful that’s murder lmao

Author — Erik Green


He could have atleast said "Finish Him" in Mortal Combat Accent tho

Author — Jocelyn Aquinde


Only a casual UFC fan, but really starting to enjoy more MMA through these videos.

Author — The Dude


Mazagati: Damn im dumb
Brazil: Hold my beer.

Author — Matthew Hong


A late stoppage you guys forgot was Henderson vs Bisping 1. Thank god bispings face was in between hendersons arm and the canvas because henderson might have injured his arm throwing it down like that.

Author — Craig Christ


That last one. Perfectly timed stoppage. He first had to calculate the time in which the cartioid artery would go purple. And once foam would start frothing from his mouth. Thats when the countdown from tminus 90 seconds would begin. Also an extra countdown of 90 seconds to give him extra time to turn the fight around.

Author — MourningLockdown


I'm so glad you guys don't just focus on the UFC.

Author — Monch Monte


Love the terminology on display in the last clip. "Not even in the fight and he's finished off by a beautiful right... uhmm... kick to the face."

Author — Felix


12:10 "a beautiful right kick to the face" A beautiful right kick to the face is when they are both standing up and a fighter roundhouses over his opponents guard or something along those lines. This was more like a kick delivered by some street thug after he and his buddies beat some poor bastard senseless. The ref and the announcer should never work again.

Author — johnnie1600


These get me so triggered!!! A referee literally has peoples lives in their hands! To see such incompetence!

Author — MightyKingYoung


11:00 The guy getting choked slept with the referee's wife.

Author — Nobody likes the chanting Zombies




Author — Nico David


That coture choke had me saying she's dead already wtf

Author — 419 Buckeye


Last ref basically did the emperor’s thumb down holy shit 🤣

Author — 54Capn Merica


6:27 damn that a nice view, no wonder the ref held it

Author — Mr. Obamium