Canadian Michael Spavor is NOT a SPY! - Held as hostage in China

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I Personally know Michael Spavor and he is NOT A SPY!!!

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Michael is a good guy and a personal acquaintance of mine, what the CCP have done to him is complete and utter bullshit! I wish for his safe return to Canada as soon as is possible and Canada had better not back down to their hostage diplomacy.

Author — serpentza


As a Canadian, thank you Winston. This is vital content in the information war we're facing; showcasing Michaels character beyond just a headline photo, and then the CCPs absolute lack of humaneness and justice. You are a leader by example in fighting for truth and dignity, thank you.

Author — Greg Feir


As a Chinese Canadian, I’m heartbroken to see this is where China has led itself to. Thank you Winston for speaking out! In this day and age, we need more people like you!

Author — XCHDragox115


As a Canadian who has lived in both China and Japan on and off since 1987, I thank you for your empathy and compassion.

Author — A K


As a Canadian, I feel awful for Michael Spavor. I personally will never travel to China given what has happened to an innocent man. Unfortunately the CCP has a lot of Canadian politicians and media outlets in their back pocket which keeps them silent on matters like these.

Author — Inti Ali


as a Canadian thank you for this episode. This arbitrary arrest and sentencing in a closed court does reach the standard we expect. It is reprehensible and our govt continues to fight for the two Michaels release.

Author — j s


Damn, you really kept quiet on this well. Was not expecting this. You and Matt got a lot to say to the world, after the Yeonmi Park episode I really want to see you guys on the JRE to give some info on China. The CCP is tangled into everything these days.

Author — Skiddla


Born and lived in China for thirty years, finally immigrated to Canada with my whole family last year. Absolutely resonate with everything you said.

Author — Jiaqi Wu


This is absolutely terrible. Im amazed that any foreign nationals would ever choose to go to China in 2021 (I know he was detained 3 years ago. Its MUCH worse now), its an absolute risk of detainment/death. Been following you and C-Milk for years, very glad you guys managed to get out when you did. You guys made the correct choice at the most critical time. You saved you and your immediate families lives by leaving. Keep fighting the good fight guys!

Author — mbrx5jk4


As a Canadian, thanks for doing this. You did more than out govt ever did.

Author — N P


As a Canadian thank you for this video. Media has done a bad job of covering this.



As a Canadian, this makes me glad and sad in equal measures. The "Two Michaels" scandal is a shame and a sham.
Our government's incompetence is complicit at best and straight up demagogic at worst if they willingly let these two men rot in chinese prisons.
*_Stay awesome Winston and thank you for covering this and the SA situation. We need you more than ever!_*

Author — Mayor of the Galaxy


Canadian here -thank you for bringing more attention to this bs.

Author — Nikephorus


This is why China should be dismissed from "the Adult Table" of World Politics. Maybe you should explain -- in detail -- what happens to people, especially foreigners, who are arrested in China nowadays? People come out of these prisons traumatized. In the meantime, the Huawei Princess is staying in a mansion on the coast of Canada complaining that the ankle bracelet she is forced to wear is chafing her. (Please note that Huawei is unable to provide the same technology in China.)

Author — Audrey Lin


Thank you Winston for posting this video clip which humanizes Michael Spavor. The Canadian media has been very reluctant to even discuss the Canadian hostages in China for fear of upsetting the CCP. Hopefully your video makes a difference in exposing the true nature of the regime to Canadians.

Author — George Pollock


thank you from a Canadian. At meantime, Meng is wearing her designer clothes, in her Canadian husband's mansion, surrounded by bodyguards, show up in court with expansive lawyers and wasting Canadian tax payers' money.

Author — Izziebiz


I've been dissuading so many of my friends in eu from going to china and implicitly financing the CCP. Your vids have helped a lot to make them aware of this terrible dictatorship. Hope he gets freed soon

Author — Kamato


I feel so sad for the 2 Michaels family and friends. Thank you for keeping them in the news so they are not forgotten.

Author — Schelle


As a Canadian, I will never go to china

Author — Bob bobby


Thank you! Thank you so much for making this video about a fellow Canadian! Please tell the world what China is doing to us!

Author — Francois Leveille