TMEA 2012 Percussion All-State Audition Music: Snare Drum Etude

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

Vic Firth presents Todd Meehan performing the TMEA 2011 All-State Snare Drum audition etude. This etude is from Mitchell Peter's "Advanced Snare Drum Studies", Etude #1.

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Esta lição é a numero #19,  está na página 38 do referido livro.

Author — Maikon Ponath


Where can I find/buy the score of "CRYSTAL CANON for Edgard Varèse, 4 snare drums" ? Is it from a method ? If anyone knows, please help me, thanks

Author — Jogador X


i have to learn this by thursday hahahahah awesome

Author — Annie


on my book this not etude no.1 it is etude no. 19
is there anythinh wrong with my book?

Author — ocallinp


I got a perfect score, only to get alternate =(

Author — percussionko


Good but, you should not move your arms as much, stick to wrist motions to save energy

Author — Kennedy Webster