Lowercase Noises - Silence Of Siberia (Music Video by Knate Myers)

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This is a song off my latest full length album called Silence of Siberia. This song in particular is very inspired by the song Ekki Múkk by Sigur Rós.

My good friend Knate Myers was also inspired by the song and accompanying "moving art" music video and (actually unbeknownst to me) made his own video for my song. Knate is known for amazing timelapse and dark sky photos and videos. I'm honored that he took the time to put this together.

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Hey, you uploaded this video on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!

Author — bassplayerguy jeremy


At 1:32 the music combined with the hot air balloon reminded me of bioshock infinite when you see the city in the sky for the first time after being launched.

Author — TheResonating


You're a brilliant writer, Andy. You certainly have a wonderful gift.

Author — Jacob Garcia


Extraordinaria canción muy melancólica me inspira y siempre me pone al borde de las lágrimas. Gracias por despertar esos sentimientos. Felicidades desde México.

Author — Mariano González


Andy it is so quiet, for the hearth for the soul. You can close your eyes and feeling the hole life surround you. Thanks... And pardon for my bad english..

Author — Thiago M


great sounds! I would love to see a studio tour video explaining how you record your tracks and your writing process, that would be awesome.

Author — Ben Tyreman


I listen to this every morning on my way to work. Simply beautiful music, Andy. Thank you. <3

Author — mramino


I really don't know what to say... it's so marvellous...

Author — NietzscheOnTheMoon


Beautiful. Just beautiful, great job man.

Author — Fernando Morales


Beautiful Song. Thankyou. I came across it on Spotify and loved it

Author — Michael Vincent


This video goes so beautifully with the song. I listen to this song every night. Thank you Andy for making art that touches the heart.

Author — NICKHAM16


Beautiful and emotive piece. It is a very impressive composition.

Author — Jordan Finger


this is a beautiful piece. Love this alongside many of your other works. Keep writing inspiring music that reaches to the soul that words sometimes cannot reach! =)

Author — Yong Quan Tham


I can't take off this album from my phone, it's been my favorite album ever!
Congratulation Andy!! :D

Author — Vini Beber


Listening to this song together was when I realized I loved my then girlfriend, we get married in December. I can't thank you enough. Brilliant writing

Author — BankinOnWork


Helps me get through the hard times... and makes me let them behind too..

Author — Francisco Mendoza


I came across this song on Spotify when I was working... I fell in love with it and listened to it on loop all day. Now I look forward to to all your other sounds and related soundscapes :) Thank you!

Author — PUNZIE


I can definitely feel the insipiration from Ekki Mukk in this... And.. gorgeous visuals too!

Author — Olandes Volador


I've followed your work in facebook. weeks ago I came here and now it's kind an addiction. Thanks for this awesome work, I beliebe you have a beautiful soul, I think I can touch it by the music. Just wonderful!

Author — Nancy&Company


Amazing, very inspiring. Can't wait to shoot my next video! I have the perfect spot in mind!

Author — George Kavounidis