2019 Nissan 370z NISMO Review - When Old is Good

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2019 Nissan 370z NISMO Review - When Old is Good 5

We go for a drive in the 2019 Nissan 370z NISMO

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won't find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you'll have real world opinions on what it's like to drive and own cars.

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Is the 370z NISMO still cool even though it's old?

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Author — TheStraightPipes


No four doors, barely a cup holder, no emphasis on infotainment and analog gauges. Now we got ourselves a car worthy of being called a sports car.

Author — Kid Refugee


I actually like how it’s old school.
It’s like the last of the golden era of Japanese cars.

Author — Christian


Didn't realize they still made this :-D
At this point it's like the MILF of sports cars

Author — Clifford Bradford


As much as I wanna see a new model for Z, I hope they keep selling this beauty until the day I could afford her, brand new.

Author — Apophis STR


Having watched so many reviews on the 370z, I took the plunge and bought a 2017 GT manual a month ago.Quoted as 328hp 0 - 60 in 5.3 seconds Restricted to 155mph. Cost £23500. 6600 miles on the clock. I can’t fault it at all. Do I care that I’d be 2 seconds behind a car that costs 3 or 4 Xs the price...no. Will I ever achieve 155mph....not ever in the UK. I think it’s stunning and I haven’t stopped smiling. At 57yrs old, thought it was time for some fun and the wife agrees.

Author — MikeyMike 370z


“How many people are going to drive your Z?”

“Your wife.” Ouch 💀

Author — Gage Nyce


Finally someone recognizes the greatness of this car. As a pure drivers car, the Z still has it.

Author — Strunz0 Cars


I love my Z. Been beating the shit out of it for 8 years on track and street and never had any serious issues. Super reliable and fun.

Author — xxk4rilsxx


I don’t think “old” is the right word lol, “classic” is more like it

Author — Roddy Dykes


"The Juke is kinda cool though" ::silence::

Author — Phil W


I love how the 370Z is one of the best sounding V6 at this time

Author — Ariel Barría


I live in Houston, and it’s An amazing thing being able to drive this thing and barely ever seeing other Nismo’s while there’s a clusterfuck of V6 American cars lmao who think they’re cool when really they’re driving a car that was built around a V8.

Author — BigBoiMo1995


I actually own a 2019 Nismo, black, 6MT, it is definitely an amazing machine. True some may say it needs more hp but it’s about handling not straight line speed. Sure a mustang camaro goes faster but everybody and their grandma drives one. Not many Nismo’s on the road, I will sit at restaurants & people take pictures of my car; and constantly get compliments at gas stations. It’s an easy clutch to drive; if you jerky driving one of these, you don’t know how to drive a stick. Plus I do a lot of city driving with cops around; so not many opportunities to punch it. Sometimes I think it’s too much power/speed for city driving. But it does love highway driving and twisty roads.

Author — Lyle York


the exterior of that Nismo is still sexy af. interior not so much lol. im fine with the exterior just need interior and engine update

Author — JonSantos670


Love the 370Z! One of the few mechanical feeling, NA V6 sports cars left.

Author — Blake Swan


It's outdated in every way that isn't required by law, and it's sold at a price that can get you a more reasonable 2 seater daily sports car.

Author — Bij Dikh


Love my 370Z couldn’t agree more with this review, some things lacking but amazing car.. even in Canadian winters I drive it, still amazing.

Author — Matt Lorbetskie


I have this car and it's absolutely amazing <3

Author — CroatCode


Underrated car, Nismo edition is a pretty hefty premium though

Author — NZsarge1