Why The Ford Falcon is Better Than The Holden Commodore

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Why the ford falcon is less crap than the Holden commodore

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As an American who is really interested in Aussie cars, this has taught me everything I’ll ever need to know, thank you.

Author — @Zerobeat-dc1tp


Absolute truth dude, genuinely convinced that the Barra is one of the best motors ever made. Thing can run on LPG, fucken basically barbecue propane, with minimal conversion work, survive til the heat death of the universe and still outlap anything on the road.
Should prob make a video just focusing on the Barra in the future honestly, love ya stuff bloke

Author — @jackeldridge1319


Holden Always did the better 8 but Ford did the better 6

Author — @rtyt2007


Taking the mick out of the commo here, got a good laugh out of it. Moreso since i have a VEII SSV Ute myself. Been around a good few falcons, when my dad owned XF's to EB's from the mid 2000's to early 2010's. All cheapo, all under a grand & most were LPG as well, so they were cheap to run. Though the last one he bought, was an NAII Fairlane Ghia from $1000, ended up flogging of to a bloke for $400 or so in the end, still a nice one that was. The intech, followed up by the legendary Barra Six. What some have called the australian 2JZ even, a great motor for sure. And not matter what, the age old battle of the Falcon vs. the Commodore will keep going, a good bit of harmless fun it is. Though i'll say, the falcon died with dignity, whereas the commodore became the eurodore, and was the total opposite

Author — @huleeyaxerssius7


As a bogan who has owned both, you’ve got it wrong. Let me address each of your points and why your missing some subtle advantages of the Crappydo… er.. Commodore:
1. Every time someone buys a commodore, they contribute $100 more to the economy to save used car dealer unemployment and provide that little more stamp duty to their state. People who buy falcons are duping tax avoiders.
2. No No No No.. Holden wasn’t dumping Aussie engines – perish the thought.. In fact, as Australia is a wealthy country and America were so poor at the time, Holden and it’s buying bogan public extended the hand of friendly charity to our American compatriots. A friends father was an engineer at GMH at the time, and he nostalgically looks back at changing the rocker cover to say Holden.. a real piece of art. And those Ford engines were, well… noisy and loud.. even too much for Bogan Holden owners.
3. Again.. you have it wrong.. that relative lack of durability was a design feature to keep people buying more and making the whole economy more durable. And what self-respecting bogan needs more than a 2-keg carrying capcity, anyway. The Falcon was just a waste of carrying capacity.
4. That wasn’t a Falcon burning off a commodore with more power.. the banana in the diff gave it a better spin ratio or whatever that ratio is called.
5. Jim Bean v., Meth Bogans? Shows that the Commodore drivers have far more luxuriously expensive tastes – and even helps the black market economy – win/win.
6. Looks.. beauty is in the eye of the bogan…
7. Oh, what about Found on Rubbish Dump/Failed on Race Day.. You just picked an outlier case. I will have you know my VS commodore only needed a new reverse gear, diff, and ignition harness in its first 10 years of travel. Some of it was even after it clocked 140, 000 kms.

Author — @realityflyer3155


My SS VU Ute has 382, 885, 1 timing chain and does not burn oil. It leaves long marks on the road and is quick. Quicker than a stock barra, but not as quick as a turbo barra though I can hang with it till around 120.

Author — @BatMan-oe2gh


Bloody oath mate. Commodore babies will see a Barra getting a oil change and respond with "Should have got a commodore" while their Rattle Tech motor is literally on fire.

Author — @jrburger95


The au's were so sick, they constanly blew up their exhausts from all the awesome that built up in them 😂

Author — @adzz8012


i had an AU. drove to melbourne and back several times. once to cairns as well. the only thing that went wrong was one of the coil packs went. cheap fix. the au is ugly but tougher than the toughest old boots. the straight six is fairly powerful as well and has good torque. you can take an au just about anywhere. dont know much about commodores, had one, but it got stolen 3 weeks after i bought it and never saw it again...falcon straight six is superior to buick v6.

Author — @themysterycook7320


drove around in my au for god know how long with no coolant. still ran good

Author — @08yannch


I pretty much agree with you.
However, my BA Falcon, well, I've NEVER had to do SO much maintenance on any of the other 40 plus cars I've owned...

Author — @bossdog1480


I prefer Holden and Ford both. Such great history and rivalry over the past however many years.

Author — @Cosmolovesmaccas


Ahhh the mighty AU XR8 With the powerful 5 litre 220kw Windsor V8. What a car that was kept up with the oil burning gen 3 that Holden had.

Author — @yusuf.alajnabi


Most reliable Ford Ive ever owned is made my Mazda...
Holdens send me broke & always end up injured working on Fords, but until I got stuck with the Festi' Trio, the most reliable I ever had was a VF Slant6 ute with three on the tree!
From 15mph to off the clock all in top, tow home a mates cattle truck, collecting railway sleepers or chasing pork-chops AND get ya home with just enough fuel to not start tomorrow...
That thing did it all, except the meter-full causeway at 70mile an hour, yet still got us 25k to town @ full noise before it pinched up! :v
Anyway, cheers & congrats, going through on a binge again... ;)

Author — @bleeksbentbits3150


Hey so I'm a fan of your channel but I've been looking for a car an extremely reliable one I can't sacrifice the reliability but I can choose between all the ford falcon and the Holden cars since they aren't in my country, especially with minimal information on these I can't know the best one between the v8s or just the bearers. I'm in Africa Kenya and Even though I'm looking for a lasting car because for me I definitely don't want to sacrifice longevity even though the bearers or the v8s still have good performance I don't want to sacrifice reliability since I'm in Africa and the conditions are somewhat similar to Australia where the land cruiser dominates but I'm not into the SUVs since I'm young so if you could really help I'll be glad . Ooh and the mods I'll be running are maybe the suspension mods wheels breaks and maybe stuff to support the turbo to make it more reliable, and out of these if there is a wagon in there I would not mind

Author — @johnlennyagb_jsav


This is the greatest Australian video on YouTube.

I haven't stopped laughing 🤣🤣🤣

Author — @potaka79


We have both in the workshop, Falcon looks big but the driver space is limited. It's more comfortable to sit on Commodore.

Author — @x103strike


If you look at the news almost all cars involved in a car crash is a Holden commodore 💀

Author — @RynoGaming17


I don't know... My ex's Commodore Executive could tow a fully loaded horse float quite easily, while only stretching the frame a few millimeters over 10 years.

Only downside was going up steep inclines with the future dog food in tow required the air-con to be off.

Author — @ondrejsedlak4935


In all seriousness, Fords Intech/Barra as well as their 6 speed auto transmissions are pretty much the only better things about Ford Falcons. The LS engines in the Holdens are significantly better than most (if not all) Ford V8s, not to mention that Holdens are lighter and generally have somewhat less shitty interiors. This vid still goes hard af

Author — @bksniperguy