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In the final episode of Inside FM 2018 we take you through some of the changes to the transfer market, improvements to board interaction and how your performance as a manager will be judged.

Football Manager 2018 will be released on November 10th.
This may be the last episode Inside FM 2018 but it won’t be the final Football Manager 2018 video, so make sure you don’t miss anything by subscribing to the Football Manager YouTube channel.

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Today we’re looking at how areas of the game such as transfers and board interactions reflect real-life closer than ever before in Football Manager 2018.

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💬 Comments

I really hope the AI transfers have been improved. Man City regularly end up with 8 or 9 advanced playmakers in FM17.

Author — Ben Carter


Like what's been said already I hope the AI transfers are a lot more developed than in previous years. Not long now!

Author — jtaylor1409


FM missed a trick here. Being the last episode it would've been amazing for Joe to have revealed he was using his iPad to buy 20 identical shirts on an online clothes store.

Author —


i couldn't care less about the 15 new contract options, but i am hopeful the AI will do transfers better

Author — Loki Doki


fix the problems with shooting from impossible angles, and 40 shots but 2 on target.. whereas the opposition score 50 yard screamers with 9 long shot ability.

Author — Fl Dweeb


Tbh i just want you guys to sort out how often players who are on back up squad roles complain about not starting every single match.

Author — D to The Main


Great!! We don't have to put up with this yo-yo anymore!

Author — SCE2AUX


I see many disagree but I liked the way this guy explained things. He has been very clear and I have been able to understand everything even if my english is really poor :)

Author — No Idea


*Tries to buy M'bappe for £80 mill...rejected, AI comes in with £3, 5 mill bid...accepted*

Author — JonesTheeGreat


What's the betting my scouts recommend a winger when I don't use wingers? ;)

Or scouts saying a player is better than what I have when he actually rates him as worse?

For me the whole game is just re-organising how information is displayed. Oh and database update. ;)

Also all this data analysis stuff. Do you really think the lower league clubs IRL have all this ability?

Author — El Prezidente


Will the AI still counter offer back with 4.5 bill????

Author — Scott Andrè Haugland


Thanks Joe, but can we get a new presenter who doesnt make me wanna Kermit next time?

Author — ThisIsRyanNeil


The new skin looks amazing for just €50

Author — SVH010


As long as we can actually bloody sell players this time and the AI doesn't treat you with double standards when selling!

Author — Mattinho Got Game


If I don't see managers getting fired within 12 months of winning the league title, then it isn't real enough. It should be an absolute miracle to last 20 seasons at the same club, and if you do actually manage that then the fans should be in an open state of rebellion to throw you out. Players who only play for one club in their whole career should be as rare as unicorns. Loyalty in football is in a coma on life support and it should be that way in the game.

Author — steveohmygoodness7


woho more to do besides playing games and being able to see the prospects turn into gems.
Love it, I just hate playing a game and seeing my investments turn into gold! I guess you will also add some bugs into all these extra stuff ?

If this game is even worse than FM17, this will be my last FM I will ever buy.
But no worries, I've only been a loyal buyer of your games since EIDOS CM 93/94.

Author — Espen Haugland


I hope you can encourage players from other teams to join your squad by Turing down contract extensions and letting there contracts run out. For example how oozily and Sanchez are running down there contracts and because of this Arsenal are looking to sell these players cheaper ignorer to get a profit off them instead of them leaving for free.

Author — Orb


They should change it so that when a player is rotting away in Chelsea or Man City's reserves, that they are more willing to take a paycut, or move to a lesser team. This could be based around how often they have played within the last 12 months. So many players in the past have demanded to be on more money, or just out-right refuse to go to another Premier league team, even though they haven't kicked a ball in the last year.

Author — magicallittlehobo


Like most of the things being talked about. Shame to notice the frame for Dean Parrett man of the match (in this video) has the Passes.Completed dot dot dot thing. Had hoped the font size and placement in this version would be good enough to avoid incomplete data when used in different sizes. 👍🏻⚽️😀

Author — Sillyfeet73


Remember to watch this at 1.25x speed to avoid fits of rage caused by the ginger.

Author — William Bodie