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Core-OC Collection
Cort’s new Core Series acoustic guitars are designed with simplicity in mind. Our main goal was to shed away any non-essential flashy features and stay focused on what truly makes acoustic guitars great. The result is an all-solid acoustic guitar, built with Cort’s world-class craftsmanship, that looks simple yet elegant with great playability and natural acoustic sound. The new Core Series is sure to deliver the performance and tone every player has envisioned in a great acoustic guitar.


1. Core-OC Blackwood
The characteristic of the blackwood is similar to the mixture of several tonewoods. Rich low-end of mahogany, the brightness of maple and the ideal overtone of rosewood. Blackwood is good for both strumming and fingering, and better if used for soundboard.

2. Core-OC Mahogany
Developed in accordance with recent acoustic guitar market trends, this model features not only mahogany back and sides but mahogany top as well. Although darker sounding than spruce, mahogany produces a warmer tone with a full rich mid-range.

3. Core-OC Spruce
Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, hence its overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for tops of acoustic guitars. The beloved mahogany wood has been a standard for back and sides on premium acoustics for many decades.


Song: "Quicksilver" by George Pennington III

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I gotta say I love the tone of the mahogany the best and it looks pretty nice

Author — Krispy_kremer93


yesterday i bought oc sp at Musicstore in Israel. Great guitar !!!!

Author — владимир кокуш


The Blackwood one looks amazing to me, but it seems like it's too much of the piezo pickup sound in the demo. Wished to listen a slower piece with only mic recorded so we can tell the difference better. The fast piece doesn't allow you to listen well on the armonics...

Author — Redeemed1997


Alip bata channel makes this guitar beyond its price..

Author — agung prawira


I wish they made an inexpensice version with arm bevel, 45mm nut width, and scooped bridge. Also, I wish they made a bright modern minimalistic design, not like an antique, for example Sheeran by Lowden.

Author — Stanislav P


The reason this product is relevan it's because of Alip Ba Ta

Author — Wanyu


Which factory manufacture this guitar? Is it indonesia?

Author — BukanMusisi


This demo are to short for showing the different tonewood... You should play an slower riff/song and other playstyles, strumming pattern and picking....

Author — Alex F