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Inside Taiwan's Tech Industry - BBC Click 5

We head to Taiwan to find out what 'Made in Taiwan' really means in the 21st century; from healthcare artificial intelligence to solving the pollution crisis.

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Hello from Germany..I love Taiwan, have visited 3 times and can hardly wait to go back. The island is so beautiful, the infrastructure is awesome, the food is great and the people are the friendliest and most hospitable I have ever met.

Author — StolGerald


There"s a reason why I moved to Taipei almost 11yrs ago. It was for technology, the people and of course the food!

Author — Sascha Pallenberg


I am from Taiwan! I am honestly surprised by how many people are willing to watch a documentary about Taiwan. We have great medical and computational technologies but all the anonymous workings behind the scene without really having many world recognising brands leads to our lack of confidence, or at least in my opinion, that's the general feeling of Taiwanese people towards our country... THANK YOU BBC FOR MAKING THE WORLD SEE WHAT TAIWAN IS LIKE
I would definetely recommend anyone to visit. We have great food, ranging from street food to fancy traditional restaurants. We also have one of the best and cleanest Metro(tube)system, it's still the best in my opinion after having visited many big cities. And beautiful mountains, lakes, and indigenous cultures!!

Author — Chi-Ning Chang


We love Taiwan! Agree? Jake from UK 🇬🇧

Author — Jake Walker


Meanwhile Taiwan is still banned from attending WHO and WHA due to China.

Author — Emily Lin


I used to see Taiwan products around my house & my kin's house.I wish there were more products from Taiwan rather than red china.We need trade with our friends.

Author — nunya beeswax


One day I will be in Taiwan representing my company

Author — Macdeep


Thank you to all foreign friends who like Taiwan. Although Taiwan is a small country, it has everything. We are not perfect but we have a passionate heart. Welcome friends from all over the world to come to Taiwan to enjoy this colorful tropical island!!

Author — Wofy


Wow, my sister in law just shared this with my siblings and man Taiwan is the bomb!!! Super advanced.. Hope to visit there one day.. God bless!

Author — Taulia Tafiti


Taiwan is one of the most underrated countries

Author — Joe Shmoe


Taiwan is such a great country I love their food too!

Author — EmancipatedSquirrel


Taiwanese are kind and friendly. Taiwanese scenery is very beautiful. Taiwanese food are very delicious. Taiwan is a very beautiful island and Formosa.

Author — 劉進和


TSMC is the largest foundry, not one of the largest.

Author — Andrew C


Taiwan's medical system is light years ahead of the United States.

Author — Will Trent


Taiwan looks great!! I can't wait to see it in person!! I really hope they don't turn communist lol

Author — Preston Martinez


I'm Taiwanese. It's so true hopefully people can see this NEW side of Taiwan.
Thanks for the BBC Team for making this video. I'd like to also include
the other feature about Taiwan -- It's a country of Humanity, Freedom and Love!

Author — Mandarin With Miss Lin


I love Taiwan but not the evil empire nearby

Author — diwakar X


"Probably never heard of" TSMC? Probably, you underestimate your audience's intelligence a bit.

Author — Larry O


Look how clean the streets are...not a single piece of trash...crazy.

Author — DD


Britain can sign a trade deal with Taiwan.

Author — Jeffrey Lai