New Pica Dry Longlife Automatic Pencil

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Pica sent me the new pica dry longlife automatic pencil for free to test out. It is the new version of the old Pica dry pencil with some upgrades that they made after hearing from users on how to improve the Pica dry pencil. I will use the pencil more over the next few weeks and let you know if I have any problems with the new pica dry longlife automatic pencil.

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Does the grafite falls down easy?
I have the LYRA version and after s couples weeks the grafite always falls down (the hiding mechanism is bad)

Author — Maxim Mihailidis


I like the idea with the different colour leads

Author — Shades Workshop


Cheers was just looking at grabbing one of these

Author — IVAN-ENT


My lead spins in the pencil as I try to sharpen it have they fixed that?

Author — Gaz Snow


Pica, Pica, Picachoo. lol I just could not help myself. great pen though. 💖💯😎👍⭐♻🌍🏍

Author — OG Timbercraft


I am not satisfied with this product. Are there also refills that are harder? The original fillings are way too soft. You cannot accurately sign off with it. The point is so blunt, if you put a line on melamine faced chipboard.

Author — AVIdee Interieurs Arno van Iersel