Impatient Speedbird Pilot !!!! BA 777-200, Medevac Learjet 45 departing St. Kitts Airport

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Impatient Speedbird Pilot !!!! BA 777-200, Medevac Learjet 45 departing St. Kitts Airport 3

We have a interesting ATC dialogue here...there were parts of the transmission that kept cutting out i am really sorry about that !!!. Both BA and the Medevac learjet were about ready for departure....seems the Medevac had lots of mistakes on read back and it took a little longer than expected and the BA pilot got impatient @ 3:07

For any one wondering why the 777 rotated so quickly is because its doing a 10 to 15 minute flight to the nearby island of Antigua so the plane is light on fuel with about 100 plus passengers, the flights are shared with the island of Antigua where they take on more people and continue back to London Gatwick

St. Kitts Robert L. Bradshaw Int'l Airport SKB/TKPK
British Airways 777-200 GE-90
Bombardier Learjet 45A

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It'd be better if all the dialogue could be subtitled.

Author — Clissoldkid


The last 30 seconds were the best part of this video.

Author — Arizona Slot Wins


This video is incredibly captivating! Very informative and instructive. Now I’m going to step it up a notch and watch paint dry in slow motion.

Author — TopCop1982


Fabulous take-off of the GE-90 BA: perfect!!!

Author — I. C. A. Productions, by Roberto Papale


How is that impatient, the pilot voiced a concern that he was burning fuel. That's a fact. There was urgency, but not impatience.

Author — Andrew Graham


That triple 7 has a tighter turning radius than my Subaru.

Author — FoolioBeardy


Seems to me the Speed bird should have been cleared first. The other guy needs some language skills improved. Very poor command of English

Author — Frances Witham


That’s correct you are a

Author — The_ Joker


Well thats 10mins of my life I wont be getting back anytime soon.

Author — Bob Flemming


Great how You Tube brings out the best in SOME observers....
And of course the corollary is also true.

Author — Ian Gourlay


If I was pissing away fuel listening to such a long read back with errors, I'd be getting on the radio too. Or, asking if I could taxie to the runway, while you two figure things out.

Author — Kerry Clark


Lol that "big guy" actually rotated earlier then the "small one" !! o_O

Author — notircm


"Impatient Speedbird Pilot !!!!" ... In the vid title ... Clickbait.

Author — gbzorro


That wasn't impatience from Speedbird. That was a request for some expediency on all parties' parts. He could've been down the runway and into the air for how long that Medevac faffed about on that read back

Author — Mystic Thunder


Love seeing widebodies at small airports when they taxi out it looks like an elephant on a tricycle

Author — Neil Lenhart


I'm just here to watch again how less runway British Airways need to take off 😇😊

Author — Bailo Descalza


I can totally understand his frustration - given the amount of fuel those things burn just getting to the holding point!

Author — Rose Wilkinson


Jaisss mon, no worries. We be flyin hye in no time mon....

Author — swampfuel20


Literally, its speedbird, obviously he will be impatient

Author — Vivas


Im gonna ignore everything about all that and just focus on the Ge90 sound

Author — Faidon _