Boris Johnson declares Wiff Waff is coming home

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  • ℹ️ Published 14 years ago

From Beijing to London, London Mayor Boris Johnson heralds the coming of the 2012 Olympics stating: "Ping pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century and it was called wiff waff.

"There I think you have the essential difference between us and the rest of world.

"Other nations, the French, looked at a dining table and saw an opportunity to have dinner. We looked at a dining table and saw an opportunity to play wiff waff. That is why London is the sporting capital of the world."

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He is the only man who could make a speech about Wiff Waff sound patriotic.

Author — Royalparadigm


Oh Boris, Well done for finally making London seem cheerful.

Author — killgill0


i want to get a t-shirt that says: wiff waffs coming home

Author — TrekkieLineman


BORIS JOHNSON...some may hate him, however he beats Ken Livingstone by a a doubt!

Author — ZeroDucks


I wonder how much he drinks before such kind of speeches. No sober guy could come up with that kind speech. But maybe its just his strange personality.

Author — lucius1976


when the olyimpic baton was passed to boris johnson he almost dropped it =O

Author — turtledqqq


God I don't even want to think what his 2012 speech will be like!

Author — SaladSpork


We would desperately like to borrow him here in the US-- what say, brothers? We have the most g-dawful politicians here...

Author — fritha grimmsdottir


@masanf - England is the only known country to have invented sport in general back in the 16th Century

Author — Walshy's Corner


@trekkie108 Yeah I do as with a big picture of Boris's face on it. He should also record a song, 'Wiff Waff's coming home' with The Lightning Seeds.

Author — Mad Walrus


good speech boris but what is seb talking about at 1:20? :)

Author — zoolander0110


they are the same game... all of which stem from wiff waff, which is of course English, hence 'ping pong' is quintessentially english and not Chinese. Your statement is almost as bad as calling apple pie american

Author — Arran Williamson


@oasis4ever92 Lol, I think he's a lot smarter than Karl. Or maybe just better educated

Author — Hannah Rose Jackson


he genuinly scared me sometimes. like an upper class karl pilkington

Author — oasis4ever92


A prat convention of the highest order

Author — MrNiceHk


Anyone catch his latest with Paxman, I hesitate to accuse you of ignoratio elenchi for the third time this interview, was a classic, whenever someone rips me for being Tory now, that one's coming out.

Author — kkwillsaveus


Long live Boris! I think I might love him XD

Author — Tom D


London the sporting capital of the world? You have got to be kidding me.

Author — masanf


Hilarious! This is why I voted him in!!!

Author — Yoel Brightman