Man Holds Baby Hostage And Sets Fire In North Highlands

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 месяцев ago

A man barricaded himself and an infant in his home and then set fire to the building in North Highlands Friday.

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should have left the "father" in there



if it was a supervised visit, then what was the supervisor doing the whole time?

Author — Smith


this is the kinda trash we had to put up with everyday in that filthy part of town so glad i got on my feet n escaped that place move to folsom or Roseville if ur thinking about moving to the sac area

Author — sacareaPYRO


My son and his wife are newlyweds and are expecting a beautiful baby girl in October. They just set up the nursery and this happened! Destroyed everything they have worked so hard for. Im so disgusted with our CPS and criminal unjustice systems. Theyre so broken and need to be complely rebuilt. Pissed off mama and grandma bear here.

Author — Melissa Chree


This will be on Bay Area News and LA News on KTVU and KTLA😎

Author — Interstate 107 Dryers emergency and more


The mother continues to put her children in danger, this has been going on since her 1st child, she keeps coming back to the father, I as the grandmother has fought with cps to take her granddaughter away from both of them. Sean gillam took her to court and took his son away from her. She is a narcissistic person and has mentally destroyed my son. They are both narcissistic and my son sufers from Adhd and PTSD. If CPS would of listen to me the 1st time
This would of never happen. How many more times do we as grandparents have to have our grandchildren rip from us when we're trying to keep our grandchildren safe. I would always choose my grandchildren over their parents. They had their chance. Wake up CPS.

Author — Debbie Falconer


A felon, a baby, and a social worker walk into a supervised visit. The social worker logs the visit as being mostly peaceful!

Author — Adam


Dont worry she can make another screwed up baby. Roe v wade is over turned 😂

Author — Kheemir Bioch