Full 9th Inning of Yankees-Astros ALCS Game 6 (Jose Altuve walk-off, DJ LeMahieu home run)

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Full 9th Inning of Yankees-Astros ALCS Game 6 (Jose Altuve walk-off, DJ LeMahieu home run) 4.5

Watch the full amazing inning from ALCS Game 6 between the Yankees and Astros!

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“He loves hitting here at home in Houston” I wonder why...

Author — Matthew Mier


Such a wide range of emotions in one inning

Author — Emperor Palpatine


As a Old School UNBIASED Yankees fan congratulations to the Astros for winning the series and good luck to you in the World Series.

Author — MRTUPAC 28


Top of the inning Jose altuve has a under shirt on. In his at bat he doesn’t. Hmmmm

Author — Steven Carpio


Yankees answered with a two run homer to tie it & the Astros answered right back with a two run homer to win it... what a game...

Author — ogrebattle22763


What a roller coaster ride of an inning. As a Yankees fan this was truly heartbreaking. But it just showed who the better team was. Great series and the Astros earned it. You can’t hate Altuve. We’ll be back next year 💯

Author — KDeceptio


I watched the video. In the top of th 9th inning Altuve has as tshirt under his jersey. In the bottom of the 9th inning he doesnt have a tshirt under his jersey anymore. 🤔

Author — Monsters


This is a classic moment in sports history. It is what baseball is all about.

Author — J J


The roar of the crowd in the playoffs give me goosebumps every time

Author — TeePOP


You see Alex Correa talking to him after...man Yankees and dodgers were robbed and the fact the mlb won’t strip them of their title is beyond me

Author — Pornnelius Hubbard


Every time I watch this it’s makes me happy

Author — Darlington Akagha


No Yankee players had water bottles or any other items thrown at them while playing at Minute Maid Park.

Author — 1951RKP


Absolute heartbreaker as a Yankees fan. Congrats to the Astros and good luck in the World Series.

Author — Manjack


venezuela y latinoamericanos precentes con josé altube

Author — Hector Cortez rodriguez


Que clase de caballo. Dandonos momentos épicos en el beisbol. Seguro salón de la fama. Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

Author — Domenathor 5.0


If Aaron judge was an astro in 2019 he probably would have hit a 172 home runs.

Author — YanksOnTop


Joe buck: “and he loves hitting here at home.”

Me: gee, I wonder why?

Author — Jball717


Altuve runs to the dugout to change out of the uniform while everyone is celebrating. ??? That's a typical move when hitting a game winning homerun.

Author — Robert Chiang


He would not let them rip of his Jersey because he said his wife would get mad at him. 🤣😂

Author — Chase Breckel


Roberto ozuna tiene que brindarle el desayuno a altuve por el resto de su vida jaja

Author — Roniel Noguera