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What to Do in Milan, Italy | 36 Hours | The New York Times 5
New energy courses through cosmopolitan Milan, site of this year’s World Expo, with new bars, shops, restaurants and cultural centers adding to the allure of this most international of Italian cities.

Produced by: Fritzie Andrade, Max Cantor, Chris Carmichael, Clarissa Crippa, Will Lloyd and Sarah Brady Voll

CORRECTION: At the 00:04:46 mark, the text should read: "The property is very old, almost 250 years old."


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What to Do in Milan, Italy | 36 Hours | The New York Times

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The best city-center in Europe (Duomo and square, Galleria, LaScala, "Fashion-Quadrilater", etc.), modern transport network, city of real Class and Style, superb night-life, very high-level bar and restaurants. Milano have everythig: art, design, fashion, business, history, dynamism, creativity. A real unique center in the World. Point

Author — 36flamingo63


Very Few people know that in Milan there are two among the oldest Churches in the world. Sant'ambrogio that literally Dwarfs Duomo when you talk about History (where the last Great Roman General is Buried) and San Simpliciano. They date back to fourth century.... And there is a lot more to see of the gigantic roman circus than the original one in Rome...

Author — Ekphrasys


O mia bela Madunina che te brillet de lontan
tuta d'ora e piscinina, ti te dominet Milan
sota a ti se viv la vita, se sta mai coi man in man!

Even if you showed a little bit too much hipster style place, there's a lot more in Milan then that!!

Author — Key Lenny


Hello i don't want to judge, but actually the translation at 4:50 is wrong! He clearly says 250 Years not 350 ;)

Author — Nicolas Constantacopoulos


I left my beloved city almost 3 years ago and watching this video makes me really proud of what it's becoming.

Author — Chiara Farci


Un sogno...
Un sorriso...
Un segno...
Di grazia...
Un alone di magia...
Cioè, la sua 'forza e vitalità...

Author — aarongluzman



Author — Vincenzo Ernesto Cozzarelli


Milan is a great city to discover. It's not easy to like as some other places in Europe, but this city can be really fascinating. You have to walk through the center by night. Everyone should see Milan.

Author — Alessandro Steinhart


Cant wait to move to Milan this year and literally living the fashion life!

Author — Sofia Supichaya


A Milano viviamo per il cibo?!?!  ahahaha

Author — Frank Backintown


a part from the two museums they hint (i reccomend emilio isgró in the gallerie)  this is a very paltry picture full of false attitude and commonplaces, reminding me moratti's  idea of milan expo 2015.... and there you are! oh lord!.
milan is such a controversial great, old, very old town - medio lanum -
awful report with pretty photos. sorry.  my town is not what usa-people are able to see in it. they're probably too young. i wouldn't try these restaurants and bars (but for obvious reasons i'm not telling the good ones). an "aperitivo" in a small old nice bar with lots of old people around you, chatting loud and laughing  is actually really a good experience.
just a little grain (very very tiny).... enzo jannacci, giorgio gaber, adriano celentano, franca rame, dario fo, paolo rossi, giorgio strehler, l'ultima cena, brera (of course the pinacoteca not the shops) and one of the most beautiful church worldwide: s. ambrogio.
don't forget to give a look to piazza loreto where  mussolini was executed! just get a picture. it feels alienating, void,
same for piazza fontana.

Author — canale youtube


I live in Milan and in the last 8-10 it is getting better!

Author — Alessandro Marino


Milan is to good Americans will just get depressed visiting this gem of Europe

then you will realize your American

*smiles good luck

Author — Moonsabie


Caro New York Times, ti aspettiamo a Bari

Author — JFunky Channel


Lol, came here for the Kiefer sculptures and they don't even mention his name.

Author — RamadaArtist


A melhor cidade que conheço, sem dúvida. E olhe que a concorrência é grande. Lá me senti totalmente ambientado à vida da cidade. E você nunca sentirá tédio.

Author — João Rebolla


A trip to Milan without visiting the cathedral or seeing the last supper painting?

Author — Mark Morales


4:47 The man says 250 while the subtitles read 350.

Author — Francesco Zanetti


Any native Milanese want to suggest some good places to eat while in Milan?

Author — Anonymous Lurker


Triste vedere che la maggior parte dei commenti siano di

Author — Ary 230