Trump Thinks THIS Is The 'Deal Of The Century'

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Trump Thinks THIS Is The 'Deal Of The Century' 4.5

Trump is the fart of the deal. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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"President Donald Trump unveiled details of his administration's long-stalled plan for peace between Israelis and Palestinians on Tuesday, though the proposal's critics warned before its release it has little chance of success because of its pro-Israel slant.

Trump's plan is intended to defuse decades of hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians. In a surprise move, the initiative called for a "two-state" solution – an independent Palestine sitting alongside Israel sharing a capital of East Jerusalem. A "two-state" solution has been a hallmark of Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives for years, but before the plan's release, there was speculation Trump might omit it."

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur


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Natenyahu gave him a letter and told him to sad

Author — shine


and this is what Jared cooked up for 3 years.... a 1 sided resolution for a 2 states

Author — William N


So...two criminals decided its in everyones best interest that they get to steal more land.

Author — BadBadManners


It’s how Jared got Ivanka. In a land deal between the two fathers.

Author — dborg56


You had me at "Trump thinks" hahahaha 😂😂😂😂, t'was hilarious xD.

*Bernie Sanders 2020.*

Author — ThatDutchguy


Check out Jareds CNN interview. It's pathetic.

Author — Monica Leigh


Condemning Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people is not anti semitic.

Author — Kublito Khan


Hahahahaaaa!!! What a joke but hey he's the deal maker right? 😂

Author — Take Kaution


Awwww, President Numbnuts. You’re so dim.

Author — Human Potatoes


It's like two people arguing over how to divide a pizza while one of them keeps eating slices.

Author — Bo Tie


you live in an open air prison but with this deal you can live in a larger open air prison, can't say fairer than that

Author — Micheal Freer


If any decision was made about your life without asking you, wouldn't you be absolutely pissed off? BTW health insurance companies do this day in, day out - deciding whether they will partially pay to let you live.

Author — Antony Bellingham


This is not about peace it about selling weapons as long as they are fighting we are selling weapons.

Author — Mitchelli Williams


$50 Billion? And they don't have to dig up dirt on the Bidens? Such a deal.

Author — David Mathias


Coming soon to Jerusalem trump hotel and casino

Author — Adam Hunter


to think this clown can come up with some BS middle east peace plan is a joke

Author — Drathmor


Adam Schiff and the other Democratic House Managers are my Hero's!

Author — judith robinson


During his press conference, he referred to the Al-Aqsa mosque as the "Al-Aqua mosque". Apparently there's an underwater mosque in Jerusalem.

Author — Silver Animation


In other words, the same kind of "peace deal" that any Native American would recognize. AKA, "We'll come back for the rest of your land later."

Author — Kevin Crady


Google "advanced syphilis". You'll find a great portrait of a special someone...

Author — Tylr