Syria: Kurds' fury as Trump orders US troop withdrawal

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Syria: Kurds' fury as Trump orders US troop withdrawal 4
The Pentagon, apparently wasn't told... likewise troops on the ground. But amid growing outrage - President Trump has defended his decision to pull US forces away from the Syria-Turkey border - which could pave the way for Turkey to launch an attack against Kurdish fighters who led the allied campaign against the militant Islamic State.

Mr Trump insisted it was time to get out of 'ridiculous endless wars'. But many Republicans - including one of his closest allies - called it short sighted and irresponsible - and a disaster waiting to happen.

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The only friends of the Kurds are the mountains

Author — Rehan Zainul Abdeen


Dang man. Just execute the ISIS prisoners and be done with it

Author — Alvarado 0025


US: Gets involved
Everyone:You can’t do that

Everyone: You can’t do that

Author — sMiles the Narrator


LOL "great and unmatched wisdom"

Author — arman rezaee


Czechoslovakia knows the feeling of being betrayed. Munich Agreement 1938.

Author — dukeVisimar


"... I in my great and unmatched wisdom..."
Hello, anybody home?

Author — littleclay


DONT TRUST turkey .when isis was rampant they were sopporting them by buying oil

Author — jose pinho


History repeated, US again left Kurds to butcher by Turk .

Author — Sachin Datta


Erdogan is after his ISIS friends who are in prisons, he is going to release them back and use them like he uses in other parts of Syria.

Author — ahmad khalid


Is the end of Kurdish dream to have a state,

Author — ford hanson


We must all remember: making deals with the devil always gets you burned.

Author — Peace Freedom


Never trust US how many lesson do we have to be reminded.

Author — Zatoichiable


Trump made the comment in a Breitbart News interview in December 2015 during his presidential campaign when asked how he would handle Turkey and Syria.
“I have a little conflict of interest ’cause I have a major, major building in Istanbul, ” Trump boasted in response. “It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one, not the usual one; it’s two. And I’ve gotten to know Turkey very well. They’re amazing people, they’re incredible people. They have a strong leader.”

He said then that the situation was “complicated, ” adding, “I thrive on complicated.” Trump did not reveal what he would do in the region if he were to become commander in chief.

Trump still owns Trump Towers in Istanbul, and the “strong leader” then was the same as now: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Author — Christopher Davis


Looks like the US never had a proper exit strategy, just like in Iraq.

Author — Julia Lerner


"My Great and unmatched wisdom" so totaly out of reality, totaly delisionial, far far from Normal people!.

Author — Koksal Ceylan


"unmatched wisdom" unmatched at whatever level is blow common sense, reason, ounce of thought, frogs... with all due respect to frogs.

Author — Eric Ostlund


Leaving our allies to fight two enemies, that's not right!!!

Author — Daniel Youngblood


"great and unmatched wisdom"....Americans, keep him in office for laughs!

Author — dadada486


they should have worked with assad earlier when offered, but they believed the usa would support them. but usa isnt from there, and was always going to leave.

Author — Andres Valenzuela


The world is always ready to dispense their accusations when the US shows up, they say they shouldn't be there, they leave they claim they should stay...

Our "help" is ultimately unappreciated in most cases, typically seen as fueled by greed for resources, and we often contribute in a lopsided fashion, meaning the other UN and NATO parties don't contribute near as much or even up to their agreements.

This is why we should stay out and let their neighbors be their police..

We clearly will not be able to forcefully distribute democracy across the globe, and have gained the title of terrorists across many parts of the world..

Author — Dodd Garger