Uncharted Lost Legacy - All Epic Moments/Stunts 'Highlighted' 10/10

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Uncharted Lost Legacy - All Epic Moments/Stunts 'Highlighted' 10/10 4.5
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"The lost legacy theme"

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i aint gonnna lie bruh smash chloe one time for the culture

Author — Daniel Page


Damn, looks like Steve jobs learned karate, got fit, and became evil

Author — Chris Hurley


I will be so happy if they created a sam and nate new adventure

Author — Shadovv


I love how Nadine and Sam have gotten friendly to each other. I do miss Nathan though.

Author — Sylvan Wu


When the drake luck has rubbed off on you.

Author — Anomaly 863


Ah I'm so glad that they used some tracks from uncharted 4

Author — fumpa umpa


all i could hear is



Author — Yoo Hoo


Oh please tell me you didn't play the entire game with the enemy marking thing bullshit

I only play them with turned off HUD now. kinda hard with the bossfights for the first time, but all the more fun

Author — Neo2266


wow this guys are worst shooters than stormtroopers

Author — Comment with questionable grammar


3:01 its nice to see tamil words in a game.! Naughty dog has done some research.

Author — Praveen


1:50 first Nathan Break now Chloe Breaker

Author — Mary Buendia


Uncharted Lost Legacy Tomb Sorry Tomb Rider.

Author — sd designer


It’s my least favourite Uncharted game, but it’s still a great freaking game. My ranking:
Uncharted 4: 10/10
Uncharted 3: 10/10
Uncharted 2: 10/10
Uncharted 1: 9.5/10
Uncharted TLL: 8.9/10

Author — Shot Bro