Understanding White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham

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Understanding White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham 4.5

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Stephanie has two DUIs and was fired for plagerism. The perfect Trump pick.

Author — Tony Rock


She's a thieving, lying drunk. Perfect for this Admin

Author — matt mclean


If she does well, Trump will appoint her to conductor of the firing squad !

Author — Stephen Duquette


we are just seeing how deeeep this snake pit really is.

Author — Nova Star


She's been charged twice with driving under the the influence and been fired a couple of times for financial misdeeds. Trump chooses the best.

Author — Eliza Grogan


Can't wait, , , should be entertaining

Author — Gary InMarz


She's an alcoholic, a con artist and a fraudster. One could argue she is over qualified to serve as the Orange Traitor's Goebbels.

Author — ProjectFlashlight612


Damn Melania..SLOW DOWN WITH THE BOTOX AND PLASTIC SURGERY... Grishom another crook in the Whitehouse...😛

Author — Jack Givens


Allow me to take a page from tRumps book... SHE NASTY!!! 🤣😂😅

Author — LokiDaFerret


I scratch your back you scratch my back and we will see we’re we end up and look where I am know🤮🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂💩💩💩🇦🇺

Author — Grand Man


"Sarah Grisham is doing funtastic job" (Trump).

Author — VladI


All these people taking tax money and failing to be accountable Watch the lying faces Later

Author — Bloody Hope


Alcoholic with legal troubles. Fits like a glove

Author — Saved by Allah


She worked on Romney’s campaign..that turned out alright didn’t it? Lol

Author — Emmett Hardie


Isn't she the fourth? Including scaramuchi? When Trump's reign of terror ends she will be unemployable, other than emptying Donny's bed pans and changing his diaper.

Author — Rick Gano


Ben bradlee and Martha would role in their graves at this and story and the ownership of the post. Disgusted .

Author — conantdog


Trump prizes loyalty above all else like some kind of mafia boss

Author — wat


Always wondered what type would do that job. Someone as ugly inside out

Author — Streetknoww


Are there no more press meetings? I haven't seen any videos of them.

Author — Sharon Creamer


Another shining example of the orange imbecile plucking one of the best pieces of flotsam from the cesspool to re-fill the swamp.

Author — craig nelson