Twin Towers Plaza 11 settembre 2001 - Torri Gemelle. World Trade Center.11 september 2001.11 09 2001

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Lo scenario AGGHIACCIANTE a pochi metri dalle Twin Towers, con un uomo che cerca disperatamente una via di fuga (05:30). 😥
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Just seeing that man outside the window and watching him fall.... no words could describe the feeling of the horrors of that

Author — Marshall Redmon


4:26 I think he said "the more photos you get, the more they'll live forever." Wise man, documenting history.

Author — Sanborn Olsen


5:38 That guy really fought to stay alive. It looks like he tried to get to the lower floor. Maybe staircase didn’t collapse there. It hurts so bad to watch, Rest In Peace, hero.

Author — james rose


I was 26 years old when this happened and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It is something that will stay with me forever. I watch these videos around the 9/11 every year. We should never forget this tragedy and should be united. And never ever take life for granted.

RIP to the victims of this horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to you and your families.

Author — Kandi


I honestly don't know why, but every few years I come back and watch these 9/11 videos. It's hard to believe it was even real, I was only 7 at the time. RIP to all those precious lives lost 😔

Author — Sanborn Olsen


It’s very eerie hearing the calming music still being played at the ground level Plaza with the chaos happening above.

Author — Rick Feng


5:28 The man that's trying to climb down was on floor 79 south east corner trying to get down to 78, the Sky Lobby. I can tell this because one of the mechanical floors was on 75 and 76, and the aluminium facade in this area is slightly different. You can see where from the footage.

He obviously could not get down by stairwell because of the fire, smoke, heat, or all three. The nose of the plane entered around the South east corner just two floors above at 81. The diagonal trajectory and left wing of the plane hit 79 and also clipped 78, so there had to have been fires and smoke on the floor he was trying to get down to too.

In an act of extreme desperation, he attempted to climb down by some sort of rope substitute 900 feet above the ground with no safety equipment and no training. He lost his grip and desperately tried to hold on but could not. He held his arms out immediately and knew he was falling to his death.

That is an absolute tragedy.

Author — demonhalo67


Imagine that man hanging out the window, he woke up that morning like it was a regular tuesday workday not knowing the horrors that face him hours later. Horrible!!

Author — 81oakridg


At 8:20 that entire group of firefighters and the security woman all died.

RIP you American heroes. You were the embodiment of the best of the best of America.

Forever in our hearts and never forgotten, with love, God bless you and RIP.

Author — Michael Spyridon


That guy desperately trying to lower himself to the floor underneath, I think he accidently lost grip...I was more amazed over how he survived on that particular floor, seing that it had to be either where the plane hit directly or just below it. Must of been extremely hot in there.
And when those firemen went down the escalator, all I was thinking: "And down they went, into the shadow of death"
May them all rest in peace. We shall remember.

Author — Christer Johansson


The plaza music still playing is making it really eerie

Author — Jose mateus pereira ventura


Can't believe it has been 20 years. I remember watching this on the news as a kid. 2 days later I had a doctor's appointment the next day but got cancelled because my doctor and his wife went to the USA from Canada to provide medical help for victims/ first responders. Love and prayers from Canada!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇺🇲🇺🇲

Author — SilverShockwave


7:09 that’s so sad :( rip to him and the others who lost their lives that day.

Author — Delta Sierra Aviation


This is by far some of the most gripping and tragic footage of 9/11 hands down. Very distressing to watch even after the 17th time, as I watch this every year to remind myself of the savagery of the world we live in. This humbles me to my core and it’ll never get easier.

Author — Curtis VanMeter


Objetivamente la música de esa plaza era hermosa, pero sonando justo en ese momento todo se vuelve sádico

Author — ❤RobbieWallace2007 (Fifi La Fume Lover)❤


This seems so long ago from a time of the world we have forgotten, yet the photos and events are still so fresh in our heads like it was yesterday. I wasn’t all that old when this happened, but I remember the clean up and excavation more so than the event itself. It was always on the late night news, the billboards covering ground zero, the giant flood lights. It felt like it dominated the news every night between 2002 and 2003.

The endless documentaries that followed for years has the events of 9/11 etched into my memory. Watching these raw clips is a surreal experience. A moment trapped in time; watching these events unfold year after year, seeing firefighters walk into those building who never came out. The falling people is by far the most surreal. To make that choice to end their own life in what seems like a split second. Looking down at people on the ground, wishing you could be down there safely with them. As humans we are so used to being in control. How do you accept that your time is up and there’s nothing you can do about it? Knowing everyone you see on the ground looking up has the rest of their life a head of them, and can do nothing much watch as yours comes to a close.

There will never be a year that goes by until the day I die, where I do not think of these people. Nobody deserves to go through an event as horrific as 9/11

Author — soarux


That man falling must be one of the creepiest scenes I've ever seen in my entire life. Horrible

Author — Augusto Lobo


This is gut wrenching to watch. And still 20 years later.

Author — SARIYAH 🏝✈️


What they suffered! As from 5:59 that man who tries to stay away from the fumes all with that music in the background that makes it the tragic soundtrack until its long tragic fall. From feel cold chills in the heart of a poor man like him unfortunately so many in that cursed infamous day in the void!

Author — Alberto Baudino


shout out to all the NYPD the NYFD and all of the civilians and doctors who risk their lives to hopefully save another.. this is just breathtaking .. RiP to all lives that were lost this day.. 🕊 just wow I didn’t realize how bad it was I was only one at the time it happened and recently started doing some digging on this event I get chills every time I watch these videos.. I pray for all families who lost someone that day just gruesome..

Author — K