John Bolton Fired Over Libya Policy Or Taliban?

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John Bolton Fired Over Libya Policy Or Taliban? 5

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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Now watch all the fuckwits on CNN talk about how awesome John Bolton is...

Author — ChiddyGamer


If Trump were smart, he would be naming Tulsi Gabbard as Bolton's replacement.

Author — Andrea


*’The Libya model’ also known as THE HILARY CLINTON MODEL* imagine if HRC was POTUS.

Author — SeaRose


“Threat of war is much lower with John Bolton out of the White House” - Rand Paul

Author — George77


One less warmonger in this administration is always a good thing. Next, do Fat Pompey.

Author — Steve Warwick


Nancy Pelosi is a dinosaur! She needs to join John Bolton.

Author — Hank Hill


Can Trump hire Tulsi Gabbard to replace Bolton? If he can, it would be a smart move for re-election.

Author — Evandro Lima


I thought John Bolton worked for Netanyahu. I'm shocked that Trump fired him.

Author — mesi mesi


Pelosi and her gang of hate is a serious problem for this country. Glad Bolton was sent packing, POS

Author — Tony Walls


He gets fired on 9/11 oh, mofo and the rest of the PNACers should be tried and hung for 9/11.

Author — revmansolution


“Tonight on CNN/MSNBC our new contributor, peacemaker John Bolton talks about how unhinged trump is and how he was the voice of reason in the administration” 😉

Author — strange tamer


Where are Gaddafi's tons of gold? Where are 88 Billions he had stashed away in offshore accounts? Journalists never ask the right questions.

Author — Andreas T


Is it possible that Tulsi Gabbard is gaining steam as the anti war candidate and Trump feels threatened by her?

Author — Paul Wolfley


It was Hillary who destroyed Libya. Who could forget, "we came, he saw, he died. Ha ha ha"?

Author — victrola13


here is a surprisingly educated guess - Trump never agreed to the countless strikes Israel did on Iran's allies over the past few weeks. Bolton did.

Author — K. W-Z.


I’m a trump supporter and even though you hate him, you at least you try to be honest about your take on the big picture. That’s refreshing. Bolton should never have been in charge of anything.

Author — D Bradford


I love how many people on the right are finally getting sick of war. I went to check out Ben Shapiros video on this seeing how mad he is that John Bolton can no longer use American lives to protect Israel and I didn’t see one comment agreeing with Ben.

Author — Le reddit silver member


Trump is a businessman, not a killer. that is why he can t keep Bolton. Now he should do the same with Pompeo.

Author — Michael mike


I don’t care why Trump fired him, I’m just glad he is gone.

Author — Julia Valley


Trump didn't appoint or hire Bolton. He was installed by wealthy donors. The DNC does it and the RNC does it to.

Author — William Ryan