We went to choose Kids Kimono!

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Special thanks to Mayuko-san!
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5/28 (Fri) -5/31 (Mon)
12: 00-18: 00

4 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
seracci japon showroom
(7 minutes walk from Yoyogi Koen Station, 9 minutes walk from Yoyogi Hachiman Station, 12 minutes walk from Shibuya Station)

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Can't wait to see Sutan wearing Kimono.

Author — Sharoona


Can we appreciate that her english is getting better day by day

Author — Lilrose


I didn't know why my mom made me put on kimono when I was at Sutan's age (and a bit older too) because you need to wear many layers and it is kind of heavy but it turned out everyone would say "cute!!" "kawaii~!" on the day so hope Sutan will like the kimono on her shichigosan day!😊❤️

Author — with me JAPAN


its so refreshing how you dont force her to see, and just hold her and pat her back. what a great mom, truly

Author — América


the way moe complained about carrying sutan one hand for 4 hours is really cute but then sutan change the topic to bread is a total comedy😂😂

Author — sarah


I am of Japanese descent, but I live in a Latin American country, in my 14 years I never used a kimono since in my country there is a lot of discrimination towards Japanese culture. Besides being very expensive, I am glad that Sutan has a great opportunity to fulfill a tradition.

Greetings from Paraguay :)

Author — Sachie Honda


It seems to me (an outsider) that so much of Japanese culture revolves around thankfulness or gratitude... along with humility and courtesy....makes me want to be a better person....those antique Kimonos are beautiful

Author — Kevin Lane


Sutan looks like Moe when she was a child. But, I think Sutan's eyes look bigger 😜

Author — Gao Ip


13:42 Sutan's effort on staying healthy and well nourished in honor of her ancestors.

Author — AP


Schichi is 7 in Japanese , go is five and san is 3. I remember going to a shrine and getting a special candy sticks. I wore a dress and a cap on my head. My mom had left when I was getting my hair cut. The barber thought I was a boy and gave me a crew cut. I had to wear a cap until my hair grew back. Fun memories. 😂

Author — Anego L


Moe: You can take the doll with us, but do not drop here. Sutan hugs the doll. So cute.

Author — bishanboy


Sutan is so smart that she looks around and sees if everything it’s safe then she approves
And gives smile smart kid

Author — Drone Oso


I lived in Japan from August 2017 to march 2019 and I saw many kids wearing kimonos for their shichi-go-san. I remember thinking that I would love to have a kid in Japan and see him or her in kimono. I myself, being a Brazilian, but with Japanese roots, the first time I wore a kimono was on my first birthday. I used to wear it on New Year celebrations, birthdays, or for modeling, but now, as a 35 years old woman, living in Brazil, I don't have any occasion to wear it. I still have one, so does my husband. That's why I like your videos. Maybe we have to create a special occasion to wear it.

Author — Regina Ishikawa


I love how sutan doesn't wanna look at it but she looks beautiful like her mother
# mother like daughter#

Author — Design Gal


When they stepped into the kimono store, Moe said Sutan was “hitomishiri”, shy with strangers. Haven’t heard that since my childhood.

Author — Jim Hishinuma


I’m a 27 year old Japanese🇯🇵 woman living in Germany🇩🇪, and I also wore the kimono given by my mom when I was three years old. I didn’t know anything about the event, but now I can see how much my family wished me become healthy and wealthy. This is a really traditional and significant event for Japanese. I will definitely give my child this chance in Japan in the future.

Author — K.26 Aki


I had no idea Sutan can be a little shy adorable. She’s a lovely child, being raised by intelligent and loving parents. Bravo!

Author — Betsy Lindsay


So blessed to be a Japanese girl. Japan managed to retain the traditional in the modern world.

Author — キャロライン


Do you have any celebrations to celebrate your child's growth like Shichi-Go-San? Please let me know how it is in your culture?☺️I love reading everyone's comments, and I always learn about other cultures❣️

Author — Kimono Mom


My mum told me that I cried the entire time and even refused to have the 3 year old's hair accessories. I demanded the older girls ones so the only picture of me in my kimono on that day is with the wrong hair piece, pulling an "akkannbe~" face at a bottle shop that my uncle worked at 😂 sorry mum!! I'm sure the day was difficult but it's one of my grandma's favourite photos of all time - good luck Sutan!

Author — roor