10 Years of UNCHARTED - How Naughty Dog Created A Legend

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10 Years of UNCHARTED - How Naughty Dog Created A Legend 5

Sic Parvis Magna.
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The Uncharted series turns 10 years old today. Starting off with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on PS3, the game has seen an amazing journey all the way until now in 2017. In this video, I look back at the history of all games in the series, and my personal journey. From Drake's Fortune, to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and even Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in 2017, the gameplay and trailer footage featured shows the amazing progress these games have made. I talk about the best moments, review the best game in the series, and to top it all off, a recap of my experience playing through these games for the very first time. Thanks for watching!

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Ill never understand how Uncharted 3 was a *disappointment* to everyone that game was epic!!!

Author — kemuael


Uncharted is the only franchise that made me feel passion for the characters, and feeling sorry when something happened to them. I even dropped a tear at the end of uncharted 4. It's an incredible journey. One I will never forget. Thank you, Naughty Dog, for making my favourite gaming franchise of all time! Sic Parvis Magna everyone!

Author — don_ p75


10 Years....Now these types of things are what make people feel old....

Author — RandomTube


If it wasn't for my parents, I probably would have never played the Uncharted series growing up. So thanks mum and dad for gifting me Drake's Fortune for Christmas. You guys are the real MVP. ☺

Author — Mr Biggy


0:25 that graphical leap is literally insane 😮

Author — D-Pad


Uncharted 4 is my favourite game in the series because it has a satisfying conclusion.

Author — Marko Srbinovski


That sword fight against Rafe was incredible.

Author — Corey Nakpodia


don't be sad it ended...be glad it happened :)

that thumbnail and intro gave me goose bumps

Author — Talon Earley


Never had the chance to play the Uncharted games mainly because I was an Xbox gamer last gen. 2 years into this console gen, I got a PS4 for my birthday and decided to get Nathan Drake collection and TLoUR and few other games and man, after playing through two amazing journeys, I had such a hard time going back to my Xbox One. After Uncharted 4 came out and PlayStations E3 2016 showcase, i sold my Xbox hours later. But anyways, i love the Uncharted franchise and it will never be forgotten. Great video Robin👍

Author — Steven Santos


Considering that they are linear, it's crazy how big uncharted games feel.

Author — Abdullah B. Alamoudi


Uncharted truly changed my life. I’ll forever be grateful to Naughty Dog for creating this legendary franchise.

Author — TheSodorSteamworks


Uncharted 2 and 4. It is soooo hard to choose between them. Both had the best set pieces, the best main villains and the best gun fights. But I have to pick U2 as it just had the bit more replayability for me.

Author — Spud


Am I the only one who got goose after he said “ One last time” 17:47

Author — FIVEBloo


Doctor : You have 24:35 mins to live

Author — Mert. A


I follow my life with the words Sic Parvis Magna. Because i know that the Journey i live is one hell of an adventure. Would love to work for Naughty Dog myself to learn the magic of these great developers.

But let's get one thing straight. Best line in the Uncharted series for me is.

"You couldn't find your ass with both hands."
"And a map"

Author — ShinkuAura


0:25 that transition... Made me wanna replay the hole series

Author — Whoknows 29


Today is my birthday and Uncharted's birthday. Also thanks Robin for the great content as always. You're videos are no less than a gift themselves.

Author — Evil Morty


Just finished getting the platinum trophy for both Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, with already having platinum on all previous Uncharted games, this past week. I completely agree with everything you said about the memories this franchise created and will never forget. Even though Naughty Dog has stated that this is the end of Nathan Drakes adventure, I hope this isn't the end of the franchise.

Author — Cyphera


The nostalgia and tears this gave me. Thank you Robin, great work. Thank you Naughty Dog for an amazing journey!

Author — LilBigBossJr_MGS


I actually met Nolan North last week. It was an honor to finally thank him in person for being such a big part of my childhood. Growing up with these characters was an experience I'll never forget.

Author — Umar G Rally