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This video gives an overview of what it's like when you arrive at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. We hope this answers some questions and we look forward to your arrival.

If you're coming to Osan or know someone who is, feel free to pass this video along to them.

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Very informative vid.
Just to add:
SEATAC (the airport) is a good 20 mins interstate drive with no traffic from downtown Seattle. The first time I flew into SEATAC, I thought I could take a short walk or short bus ride to the Space Needle or Pike Street Market. Nope. SEATAC is not in the city limits.

Author — Diego Fianza


This was very informative! We may get lucky enough to PCS here next year. I appreciated the video, thank you.

Author — JenWalk13


Things have really changed since I was at Osan AB May 69 - Jun 70.

Author — Richard Rump


March 1968-April1969. Processed thru Oscan, then to Taegu AB, For 13 months, 7 days, 4 hours, but, who was counting. Really happy for the success of the Republic of Korea and its people. Hard working, personable people, great friends, good Orientation Beer, much better life for them is wished. I’m 75+y/o now, but, the tour is still fresh in my mind even now. Bravo for the ROK, the U.S. in ROK.

Author — Henauder Titzauf


WOW! What a change since I was there in 1974-1975. It was an unaccompanied tour only! Really enjoyed the video.

Author — James Shevlin


Well done video! This is great information and I'm sure I'll benefit from it.

Author — Rafterman


Sure beats commercial into Seoul and negotiating with Ajusi to get you to the main gate at 0300, and if he thought he could increase the price, would stop on the dark highway in between and try to renegotiate. Offering nothing but to kick his ass usually resulted in being called number 10 but the trip continued. Of course it always helped to team up with another Airforce person so you could have some backup. Then again this was 1989, my third trip so I had a bit of an idea how things worked back then. One thing was always a constant, the Army customs guy would end the process with, “Welcome to the ROK”. Nothing but good times there.

Author — heeder777


I’m so really happy visit out there in Osan AB Cuz my husband got PCS for a year ..Korea very nice place..

Author — Annaly Vang


His comment about cost for commercial transportation is an out and out lie. In fact the cost is much cheaper at around 12k WON and often much faster even with transfers to taxis once at the songtan bus terminal and the main gate. It's just a scam to get you to use the contracted bus service. You can get the korean bus at Incheon International Airport at the exit doors which runs much more often and will get you to Songtan Bus Terminal which is less than 2 minutes driving time from the main gate. Then at the main gate inside of base you can grab another quick taxi at the taxi line which is like 4K WON to the Turumi Lodge. Granted all are reimbursable but if time matters to you then look into the korean bus and its schedule from Incheon to Songtan.

Author — Howard West


Wow has really changed since the 80's.

Author — Darryl Jones


sure has changed since I got there in early 1959. We started out living in quonset huts until they built the cement block barracks.

Author — Henry Fackeldey


I remember we were served alcohol free in international waters! I had so much crown & cokes! 😂

Author — Leroy Lawrence


Was there in '06, good memories, pretty much looks the same

Author — PantsofVance


Aaa dreaming of husbands form the osan airbase !!

Author — Aruni Vlogs


Just wanna be sure we can pack pocket knives up to 4 inches in length with out any issues?

Author — k9soldier1


Much has change since I was there in 1969-1971, no hotel just corregated Quonset huts a few cemen block buildings and dorms. No accompanied tours except for three star general that is when it was Fifth Air Force Advon, AFK. Enjoy he country side it is beautiful and great people.

Author — James Winney


y'all should consider updating due to current situations....

Author — RicanSeoul


Wow Songtan  city has really changed from when I was there from Feb 1988 to Feb 1989, when went out the front gate it was nothing but bars, dance/stripper clubs ( You buy me Juicie ) and Tshirt and various  brass bed and fake clothing and jewelry shops..

Author — Keith Hugo


Will you have free time to explore if you're working on the line? Ha cause... I doubt it :/

Author — Saizen


Wife and I did a Joint Spouse 1976-77.

Author — Pinto Beans