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0:52 - cage sizing
4:33 - cage accessories
9:58 - diet
13:13 - UV
15:30 - free time
16:20 - play area
18:10 - vet
20:17 - interaction

Author — Chløe Prime


Before I discovered your tumblr, my canary was in a tiny round cage with 2 dowel perches, water and seeds. Now he has a huge cage, a varied diet and my bird-proofed room to fly into. Thank you very much!!

Author — Belle I.


Could you do a video on what steps you should take for first getting a bird (like the first day home)? Setting up their cage, how long you should leave them alone before you start trying to work with them, how to minimize stress, etc. Thanks! (sorry if you already have a video on this but I haven't seen one yet)

Author — Mackenzie Robinson


I took home a parrotlet today, whom I met last week. He's two years old and his previous owner accidentally stepped on him and couldn't bring themselves to continue caring for him. The first thing he did when I picked him up was fly on my shoulder and hide in my hair. Why are they so adorable?

Author — Kat Marrs


I make several perches and play areas for my birds from large, broken branches I find. I soak them in salted water for two days and then let them dry out in the sun, sand the really rough areas and bark off and rinse it again. It keeps my birds happy and I replace them every few weeks so it keeps it new.

Recently I started to make some holes in the branches to hide food and treats. They love picking through them, especially with new perches and don't worry, the holes aren't small, they're large enough to prevent my their toes getting stuck in them ^^

Author — MimkageArts


This is really helpful. I've been a parrotlet owner for 5 years and had to learn a lot of this by trial and error so this is great information for any parrotlet owner or someone thinking of owning one. My little guy loves hiding in my hair too :)

Author — Pamela Wilson


I have a parrotlet of my own, and I love my bird, he's like my own baby, and he's an agile sassy little kid. Your videos helped me provide the best life for my bird, he's so contempt with his life, I had gotten him a log toy he could chew out to help his beak and he had hollowed it out in just a week and my boy loves to sit inside it. The only question I have is for a thing called nutriberries, its his favorite treat, but how many should I give him a day?

Author — chloe


Great information! Thank you. My 6 month old P'let isn't aggressive at all. He lets me know when its time to stop doing whats irritating him. They're such cool little birds with big bird attitudes...I love that!

Author — Pooka Doodis


I got my parrotlet on Craigslist and had no clue what I was doing until I found you on YouTube. I'm still a beginner but because of you he is already much happier. Thank you.

Author — julieann meara


I was feeling guilty that my parrotlet was solo in her cage. I assumed they desired a flock of some sort and I was considering getting another to have them together in the same cage. Glad I did some homework and came across this and learned that they are good alone as long as they get out of the cage time and in cage stimulation, which my birdie does. I really avoided a bad situation, thanks 🙏!!

Author — atomicpuppet


The moment you showed that beak before and after picture, I immediately ordered a feather bright bulb for my 9 year old budgie! He has a huge cage, great perches, a pretty healthy diet, nice calcium blocks with mealworms for extra protein and gets plenty of exercise but his beak looks awful. I've been doing a lot of research and making lots of changes for him lately to try to improve his health and well being in his old age and the one thing that hasn't improved thus far is the beak! I'm so glad I happened to click on this video!!

Author — SeabassFishbrains


I know this video is a few years old but I just subbed. You explain things very well for people who are new to birds. You’re extremely knowledgeable. You sound like an RVT or future Vet tbh. Great channel! 😍

Author — Alicia Martinez


You are the bird master!You have helped me much.Thank you for teaching me all these things.My pet budgies/parakeets are so happy thanks to you! :)

Author — Zeljko Prole


I actually just got a female lovebird yesterday and this was helpful, so thank you!!!

Author — MammaJama


this is so helpful and informative. we had a parrotlet fly into our home out of nowhere and we had no idea of its species and its needs and this really truly helps

Author — Shadow Violets


Thinking of getting a parrotlet, and we started research! This video was super informational, and I enjoyed watching Zeeby throughout. I appreciated the note at the end about never stop learning about birds. Looking forward to learning more. Thank you!

Author — Christina Alexandru


Appreciate your ethical views in cage space!👍🏻

Author — Laura G


I'm really glad you made this vid. I'm going to be rescuing a cockatiel soon, and was going to purchase a reptile light, because they're cheaper. This saved my future-birds wellbeing! Thanks Courtney

Author — Rachel Mayrhofer


The way the bird keeps going behind her hair is so thankyou for this video!!!This is my first time watching a video from this channel and i love it!!It was very informative.I just subscribed to this channel and liked this video😌😌.I'll definitely keep coming back to watch these videos especially when i get my own Parrotlet😊😊😊.Again, thankyou for this video!!!!😊😊😊✌️✌️.

Author — Yoruichi Shihouin


this is soo super well-explained! you do a great job and your birdies are just adorable ❤❤❤

Author — Liisa Silberblatt