How Vladimir Putin won Republicans' approval

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How Vladimir Putin won Republicans' approval 3.5

He's an authoritarian strongman, and he's never been more popular with GOP voters.

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wait Obama is a weaker leader than Putin but when Obama wants to take executive action they call him a dictator? hmm

Author — Andrew Iwelumo


He executes more than just decisions...

Author — TheMasonX


Can someone explain to me why, republicans who are afraid of a strong state and want less government involvement in society, they do like the strong leadership of Putin?
It doesn't make any sense.

Author — Menno Uphoff


This doesn't really answer why Republicans love Russia/Putin now, but the answer is simple: partisanship.
This is where America is as a country now. Partisanship is so decadently extreme that people will side with an historically unfriendly foreign power if that power is against their political opponent.
Hell, if ISIS claimed that Democrats were their #1 enemy, GOP opinion of ISIS would spike up as well.

Author — m


Hi Vox, request for a 2019 update or Part 2 of this story.

Author — Paul Sukhu


I'm from Estonia and let me be clear: the most important reason why I fear Trump's presidency is because he's very lenient towards Russia.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and many other Eastern European countries joined NATO in the hope that it would protect the personal freedoms of their citizens and the sovereignty of their country from Russia. Trump is now betraying that faith. What Trump cares about is personal power and money, not democracy or personal freedoms you hold dear in Western nations. You should be afraid as well.

Author — Rebasepoiss


Aren't Republicans supposed to be for SMALL government? I can't be the only one who sees this.

Author — Michelle Shilling


The Republicans have played into Russian hands.

Author — David Steel


Republicans would love to have a dictator.

Author — ezequiel gonzalez


trump supporter follows basic algorithmic pattern

trump supporter see
trump supporter anger

Author — Tumor Boy


So why was there such a big spike in August?

Author — Lucy


Putin wants Trump to remove the sanctions Obama put on them for invading their neighbors. Russia and America will never be at peace until these old guys from the Cold War era are out of the government on both sides.

Author — MrY3110w


2012: Russia is our number one geopolitical foe

2020: China - Hold my beer

Author — Noah Bowie


the comments here are insane. apparently now facts and truths are 'biased liberal propaganda and fake news'. like chill out, just because *Facts* disagree with your view don't make them propaganda. In fact that way of thinking is really dangerous.

To the people calling Vox 'biased' and having a 'political agenda' why is that a bad thing? Is your solution to just have Fox news the depository of all news? We need points of view on all sides of the political spectrum...

Author — alexkera47


The next four years will be a forced experiment on the exploration of a potentially close relationship with Russia (Something that is unprecedented with regards to the United States). They may or may not be able to fool people temporarily, but analyzed many years from now, Historians will not be so forgiving in realizing blatant patterns.

Author — German Montero


a shitload of stalinists in this thread
if Eisenhower JFK or Reagan could see this

Author — Blackfalk


"murderous man with intention of messing with his neighbour"... sounds like USA

Author — Nunu In The Garden


butthurt Trumpbots and putinbots unite!

Author — Santiago Bron


You know, Republicans, we have a word for "strong leader who does whatever he wants." That word is "dictator." What makes the GOP's 'strong leader' fetish all the more bizarre is that THEY are the ones who constantly complain about government overreach. "Freedom" and "strong leader" are mutually exclusive end goals.

Author — Michael Ramon


"This is not a conspiracy...this may actually have some level of truth"
It's almost like we have a word for that...hmm

Author — garrett21