MAMBA JUNIOR!? Kobe Bryant’s daughter Gigi has GAME! 🐍

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MAMBA JUNIOR!? Kobe Bryant’s daughter Gigi has GAME! 🐍 5

The basketball tradition in the Bryant family lives on, as thirteen-year-old Gianna “Gigi” is taking after dad! Gigi and her Mamba squad showed out with pops court-side. Which is more entertaining, Kobe coaching or playing!?

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MAMBA JUNIOR!? Kobe Bryant’s daughter Gigi has GAME! 🐍


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All three of those girls were popping off. They had great things ahead. It's just so unfair.

Author — Cornflack


Can’t imagine how this team feels losing their coaches and three of their teammates

Author — Karina Fuentes


All them girls can shoot. Gigi most definitely got her dad's defense.

Author — Jentry Haskins


This is so sad to watch. What Gigi and the other two girls could have become. The good Kobe was doing for these girls is so inspiring! He could have spent his days lying on a beach in Tahiti, instead he chose to do something positive for the community. What an amazing father he was. This is so unfair. RIP angels...😪🙏🏼♥️

Author — Shannon Fields


To me, Gigi’s death is equally as sad or even sadder. Kobe was too young to die and Gigi was WAY too young. Rest In Peace to both of them and the other 7 passengers. Prayers to his family

Author — William Menendez


His whole nice with it. GiGi was his Twin. She was a savage on that court.. Just like her Dad!!!

Author — Evelyn Johnson


Still can’t even wrap my head around this tragedy.. she was only 13! She had her whole life ahead of her and that got taken away in a blink of an eye. It’s really heartbreaking. Same with Kobe, he was only in his early 40s and had retired not that long ago, he didn’t get a chance to live his full life. My heart aches for their family, I pray they have the strength to get through this and heal. Kobe was an excellent player, husband, father, mentor, and beyond many other things. May they both Rest In Peace. ❤️

Author — Alyxis Jesse


Looks like Kobe had these girls running the triangle offense, they were really advanced skill wise for their age. Man would of loved to see what the future would of been like with these young ladies in the WNBA RIP Mambas

Author — Odyssey Mack


Kobe had them white girls playing better than the NBA😂

Author — America's Ni6htmare


Was the pride of a dad to see his name on the back of his child’s Jersey. R.I.P. beautifuls, may God guide your souls to heaven where there’s peace and happiness forever

Author — 7777beth


🏀 At EXACTLY 5:26 ⏰ You Can Actually See "ALL" 3 of The Girls Faces 👓 ➡ Gianna 👩 Peyton 👸 And Alyssa 👧 ➡ HEAVEN Bound ⛅ Teammates 🏆 ➡ Rest In POWER 🏁

Author — borntopraisejesus


The whole mamba team is beastly. RIP...TOO SOON !WE MISSING YALL.

Author — Todd Palmer Palmer


Man, imagine what it feels like when this team gets back together to play again.

Too sad.

Author — Mottahead


R.I.P such talented girls
14 - Payton Chester
5 - Alyssa Altobelli
2 - Gianna Bryant

Author — Omar Lopez


Rest In Peace Gigi, Alyssa, and Payton 😓💔 All 3 of them was Amazing at Basketball and it’s so sad that there lives were cut short at just the Ages 13/14 😩 The world can be sooo fucked up man 🤦🏽‍♀️ May they Rest and Ball in Peace 🏀🙏🏽

#RipKobe& #RipGigi 💛💜
#RipAraZobayan 💔

May They All Rest In Peace and I pray that God Protects and shield the rest of their surviving Family 🙏🏽

Author — TheOne_ Liyah


who was wondering what did gigi mumble


Author — the officialmyiah Henderson


I wish I could go back in time and stop this tragedy from.

Author — Payton Pryor


The second that I heard that Kobe and Gigi passed away I literally started crying non-stop, like, I just couldn't stop crying. It's so sad to hear that they're gone .

Author — Demarion Abram


U can tell koby worked with these girls they all can play there's no one player above the others the whole squad was nice

Author — king ofhearts


Seriously extremely talented TEAM
Damn these girls can play, all of them !

Author — Rebecca Hawkes