Glamorous upholstered ottoman from tyre.Creative way to reuse and recycle.

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Glamorous upholstered ottoman from tyre.Creative way to reuse and recycle. 4.5

DIY Multipurpose storage ottoman from an old tyre.
Yes know it is a bit of work but it really worth it.The result is awesome.
Total cost breakdown for this project
Tyre -- free
Wood -- It was in my garage unused
Red crushed velvet cfabric-- £9.54
Diamond tufting button- £2
Furniture wheels £4
All the other things used from scrap

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خو ماكو شي ليش التعليقات كلهة مو عربية وين راحو العرب ترة الفديو حلو ويستاهل المشاهدة والتعليق والايك

Author — زهراء علي


Wow great thinking, wonderful craftsmanship, "I MUST DO THIS " THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR 💡

Author — Illusion Dilemma


That was a lot of steps, BUT TOTALLY worth all of the hard work! Super cute!! 😍😍

Author — Ever Evolving with EC


حلو جدا ادعوالى اجيب امتياز دعوة اربعين شخص مستجابه

Author — Asmaa Khaled


I just watched your card board seat bench thing and I'm in love with your creativity!

Author — BigBlessedFamily 2000


What a creative though. Instead of throwing tye tires we used it in our house a very nice way n a very good try .keep inventing such things .ap bohot koobsurut hai .by the way I don't know how to write hindi but I am n indian I live Mauritius again a nice try

Author — my name


روعۃ ختی ماشاء اللہ علیک ختی ✌👌👌👌👌👌❤✌✌

Author — Mourad Amine


I'm gonna try this one.. Still collecting this 2018 in shaa Allah

Author — Hafsath Salum


Your talent is endless!
Love this thankyou for sharing 😁

Author — Ulster girl


This is amazing!
Just waiting for other tutorials.

Author — Thomas Lufungulo


عزه هاي لو احنه جان كالت شنو اصير مدوشمجيه 😂😂

Author — ام رائد


Great job. Half inch foam would be great on the back as well.

Author — Flowergirl Power


Hi Jesy, you are extremely creative! I don't know if you went to school for furniture design or you learned on your own.
You have a wonderful future in the furniture design industry. Keep up your wonderful work. God bless you.

Author — Elena Goveo


روعه ويعطيك الف صحة على المجهود لي تبدلي فية

Author — Walid Hmd


الله يبرك ختي مشاء والله هيلا يعطيك صح ربي يزيدك علا مهن تعك وربي يكملك مركي متمني حبيب

Author — Sabrina 31


I just love this tutorial!!! Thanks so Much!!!!

Author — Mariana De Alonso


It is beautiful and elegant looking, great job thanks for sharing. I love it

Author — Marlene Maharaj


ماشاء الله سبحان الله ولا حول ولا قوة الا بالله استغفر الله واتوب اليه

Author — غايتي رضاك والجنة


great job! What kind of stapler you are using to pin up the fibre on the tyre?

Author — Huma siddiqui