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Thanks to Developer Mode, The Xbox Series S can run Retro Arch emulation with excellent performance. In this episode we take a closer look at Dev Mode on the Series S, how to set it up and what to expect running Retro Arch - a UWP based emulator that supports the Xbox Series S and X.

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0:00 - 6:05 : Xbox Security and Dev Mode discussion
6:06 - 13:28 - Xbox Series S Emulation Performance Testing
13:29 - 14:29 - Outtro


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Microsoft: *sends MVG a Series S*
MVG: *runs Retro Arch on it*
Microsoft: hol up

Author — Mr. Whimsic


This episode will sell more Series S than any other backwards compatibility promotion. Kudos MVG.

Author — Miltiadis Koutsokeras


Sony/Nintendo: Doesn't let us play their older games
Microsoft: *"It's free real estate"*

Author — Sevvy


It actually works in Microsoft's favor to allow this, as it disincentivises hacking the security, because you don't need to

Author — Adian Chowdhury


After seeing all this emulation, now I am interested in the Xbox Series S.

Author — Juan J. Rosario


Xbox got PS2 backwards compatibility before the PS5 😭💀

Author — Xenoslyce


When you invest so hard into backwards compatibility that it even runs consoles from other companies.

Author — Qruis S.


The fact that users have the ability to use dev mode and emulate pretty much anything they want is fantastic! I think I’m going to get the series s just for the dev mode alone. 😁

Author — Neon Nightmare


Stutters due to shader compilation in Dolphin can be fixed by setting shaders to "asynchronous (skip drawing)" (this might cause graphical bugs but I've never noticed much) and enabling the option to precompile shaders at startup.

Author — Faithy


I really love the way Microsoft has handled Dev mode.

Author — David Brown


This video has to be the single best piece of information that I've heard regarding the newly released Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles. Great job MVG!

Author — Blitzkrieg


You just single handedly convinced many poeple to buy the Xbox Series S/X now. This is incredible.

Author — Clayton Gray


Yes, yes.... I love this kind of stuff and we can do it with consoles easily now. Thank you Microsoft for Dev mode, and thanks to the emulator makers. This is becoming quite amazing. I know emulation is nothing new but it's awesome to see vids on this.

Author — Western Montana Views


Very impressive. I am especially impressed with Saturn emulation working so well. That system has been historically one that has been extremely difficult to emulate due to the architecture. I didn't expect to see it running fluidly to be honest. Big props to Microsoft for offering a dev mode to allow homebrew developers to run their creations on the hardware. This is a great alternative as in the past consoles had to be hacked to gain access...which of course went hand in hand with piracy. This is a good way to appease the people who just want to run their own code while still maintaining the security of the console.

Author — eightbit


if you're playing galaxy, id recommend changing the ir emulation to absolute, i also found the most success remapping the buttons to be similar to the mario 3d all stars re-release

Author — saph


While I can see the case of the PS3, there’s no excuse for Sony leaving out the PS1 and PS2.

Author — Lucky


Team Xbox is committed to backward compatibility!! :P

Author — Café Watercolor - Eric Yi Lin


Who needs new games with crazy high price tags and pay wall content when you can play all the best games to ever exist for $20

Author — xXcashXx3


I wasn’t expecting that this is possible. Highly impressive. Thank for the deep-dive.

Author — Philipp G.


I watched this vid when uploaded and kept it in mind all this time. Just got a XSS yesterday, and after I finish installing the MS games I bought, I'll definitely be checking further into this. I'll be excited and happy to play my retro games on my couch without having to drag out my old consoles from storage and set them up. So yes, tyvm for all you do for the community, MVG!

Author — vidman5000