adventure time - glob is dead

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finn rambling on about entropy while grob gob glob grod headbutts a comet

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I like how Glob showed Finn the true meaning of life without words. Life is worth living.

Author — Arturo Reyes Cortez


I love how after Finn said that they didn't hesitate for a fucking second

Author — ManInTheRobe


He's fine. His 4 heads are just floating around Earth for some reason

Author — Mr マックラ


I freaking LOVE how all of Glob's faces smiled when one of them said, "No, but sometimes God does." XD That was just a perfect touch.

Author — IgnatianMystic


I like how he died screaming like a badass

Author — A.Z.C.


Finn basically convinced glob to yeet himself into a comet

Author — Floofiest Kitty Cats


Finn - "You are who you choose to be"
Glob - "Superman.."

Author — Johnny Wikberg


"Do you ever say Oh my Glob?" - "No, but sometimes Gob does." *The other heads smile.*

Hekeke, I love that part.

Author — DJFlare84


Finn is like spitting fact and glob yeeted himself into that comet lol

Author — Bruce Wayne


"But, what's it worth if we're all gonna get blown up right now?"
*G-man-comet seppuku*
Funny but sad.

Author — Rennova MOCs


I remember being shocked when watching this; not only does the conversation with Glob ge tsupper fucking deep, but then, basically, GOD DIES. And it's a kid's show! I mean...OH MY FUCKING GLOB!

Author — Ryan Moser


This is literally just like meeting God, talking with him, watching him die, and informing your buddy about it

Author — Hypnotic Skull


The Most Badass way to die, He lived to die as a hero, Man Glob is really such a badass character and he sacrificed his life to keep the comet from hitting mars, H e was a really cool character and they gave him a good death

Author — CreativeManners


Finn's just become a Nietzsche of Ooo.

Author — Falkhan


for those who are still seeing this, your a legend and please elaborate it more for I can't somehow get through the understand deep meaning behind it. Thank you

Author — Liouxs


i dont understand, how is it that GLOB couldn't destroy martin's ship? he is GLOB! and the ship was just a normal ship.

Author — Tio Clotildo


Comet: **approaching mars**
Glob Grod Gob Grob: "change the world, my final message, goodbye" **launches into the Comet at lightspeed**

Author — 『Fizzy pop』 VEVO


this really _REALLY_ deep.

Author — chipmunkDoesVr


its like Finn is a nihilist and he is like "glob is dead and we have killed him"

Author — Vinayak Sehgal


Adventure time really is the deepest and most thoughtful series I have seen. So many different perspectives and takes on this scene and episode. I personally think the message they are conveying is this: creating something is not the greatest act of creation, only after it has been protected and nurtured, is it then one of the greatest acts of creation. For example this show, starting out as a goofy spongebob like series, and then slowly evolving and building into a work of pure genius and one of the greatest shows of all time. That wouldn't have been said if the show was cancelled after the first few seasons, or if the show never evolved, grew up and took risks. At least that's my take.

Author — Hunter TheDisneyLover