2016 F-16 Viper Demo

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2016 F-16 Viper Demo 4

Planes of Fame Air Show
Chino, CA
Friday April 29th, 2016

Air Combat Command's F-16 Viper Demo from Shaw AFB in South Carolina piloted by Major Craig "Rocket" Baker. Watch as he tears up the sky over Southern California for an AMAZING TWILIGHT SHOW with a 6:46pm take-off time for the 2nd of 2 demonstrations on this day.

4:10 - F-16 Fighting Falcon Engine Start-up
11:09 - Taxi-out
12:03 - Take-off !!!
19:07 - Recovery
23:10 - F-16 Fighter Falcon Engine Shut-down

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Why the person standing in front of jet fighter while the engine is the running totally wrong

Author — Haitham al-hashmi


3:35 min. - love the facials, and that he putts on "english" flightgloves - which seem to have been used a lot before this flight.

Love it :)

Author — Gunnar Lindøe Jørgensen


Thumbs up: hell of a guy..ohhhh those g’ssss

Author — Nick Kerssens


Thank you for making such a great video of this! I worked security at a warehouse just down the street that day and was and awe when this monster was flying right above my head! Now I get to watch it again! hahaha

Author — Jake Spellman


Awesome video! Especially good at the end with the kids and the sunset.

Author — mass1dasc


Awesome video!!! You are a very talented filmer!!! The f-16 is definitely one of my favorite fighters as I am an aviation enthusiast myself. The afterburner was also very beautiful!!!

Author — HMR&JAM


You don't 'get into' an F-16, you 'put it on'.

Author — Mr Gone


Pilots are the most amazing men and woman on earth. I saw a team of pilots that fly nothing but F-22 Raptors and I think they are the Demo team but these guys were so good. There was a good sized black man flying and he was a beast in that Raptor, he was a lion having fun in that thing. Every pilot I meet or see is always Alpha and they all have there act together mentally and physically. They probably dont even know how badass they are but I recognize it from miles away. God Bless all of you, your all in my prayers and my thoughts all the time.

Author — Lvrboy Dashabuck


Great video! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

Author — Pointeman1


F-4 S FOREVER ! VMFA 212 MAG 24 1983, 1986 Semper Fi !

Author — crimsonpride48


It will be an extremely effective drone and making it a drone, will eliminate its one glaring vulnerability.
By the time the pilot gets seated into the cockpit and these fuggin safety checks are performed, the Chinese or Russians would have dropped their bombs on the runway and returned to base for Vodka or Rice liquor

Author — E M


For it's most effectiveness it has to have upgrade F-22 technology that's one of the baddest plane to be own think about it with changes that are demanding it will be a 5th generation

Author — Charles Gray Sr


from A4 sky hawk to F16 still the best now even more powerful

Author — willsonnss


Came back to compare this flight to the F-35 as of 2019. Not seeing much difference between the two as far as maneuverability here. I'd dare say the F-35 looks more controlled in flight. Poised even.

Author — Terran Wright


Spencer you deserve more subs! keep it up!

Author — awful


It is taking so long before takeoff. In time of war this isn't efficient.

Author — Caye Zara


When I was stationed in Europe, i saw these birds takeoff from Aviano AF base. There's nothing like seeing them disappear into the sky. Also, i heard and felt a sonic boom emanate from just a few hundred feet overhead, compliments of an f16, in a joint training exercise. It was awesome.

Author — Miguel Rodriguez


Thank you so much. Nice to see my work.

Author — Rick Cain


What a stunning aircraft. If it is right.... it looks right !

Author — J Adams


πολύ πομποδεις οι κινησεις των υπόλογων  ας μην κανουμε αυτό και εδώ στην Ελλαδα.Νικος Πειραιας

Author — Ήφαιστος