Donald Trump on the latest polls

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Donald Trump on the latest polls 4.5
GOP presidential hopeful joins 'The O'Reilly Factor' to discuss his campaign ahead of the New Hampshire primary

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Bill needs to learn to ask a question and then shut up. Was a perfectly logical answer on how to fix the national debt but he wouldn't accept it bcoz he does not understand basic economics.

Author — Stav Soti


BILL keeps asking HOW HOW HOW? so biased

Author — TRUMP NO ted cruz


O'Reilly, please stop interrupting. I didn't watch this to hear YOU, with all due respect.

Author — myjeevie


I love seeing Trump on the Factor!  At times, it seems like O'Reilly is just about to make Trump smile.  I knew O'Reilly was going to say something about how he told Trump he should have done the debate.  But Trump did the right thing!  I BOYCOTTED the Fox debate on principle also!  And the Veterans are getting $6MM!

Author — Laura Stone


90 million Americans out of work: unemployed, on disability/welfare or have given up

Author — dean b


Bill is so dumb. Does he not understand that when the economy does better tax receipts are higher?

Author — STDrepository


full time work 40+hrs a week is the backbone of this nation

Author — Fredo Gee


this is not that hard to understand, if you lower taxes more companies move back to the country and more people work which means you collect taxes from more people and businesses you end up with more money. look at it like this I collect $20 from each person that works so people stop working and I get less money but if I collect $1 from people that work than more people work and I can collect more money.

Author — Barry Stamour


donald trump would represent your wonderful country just perfectly. he is well spoken, smart and definately not a racist. he would bring muslims, latinos, blacks and whites together again. he would bring peace to the world.

Author — Mareike Weitweg


Man i hope Donald Trump gets the presidency and not Hillary or Bernie.

Author — Luke Vader


that sigh of defeat at the 6:54 says it all.

Author — martin matovic


Blowhard Bill sighs in frustration when Trump talks because Bill is so dumb he cannot understand economic prosperity equals more money.

Author — Tingle Matthews


$6 million in one hour for the vets. What a great man !

Author — Lawrence Reid


Hey Oreilly when you have millions more good jobs and businesses you collect more taxes and spend less money for welfare. are you really asking how this would reduce the debt? how about stop bombing all over the world with bombs that cost 1 million per piece?

Author — Mykill Myers


I feel as though the debt is growing due to the consistent over spending by our government.

Author — James Mcginnis


Well as a moderately crazy man myself, I finally ran into a man crazier!!! I must say he is entertaining. He is right on many points including bringing back jobs from China and Mexico. Well reducing the national debt, we may have to bring back Udini from the grave.

Author — Ronald Campbell


Bill preps his bull 3 time after every meal

Author — Eric Campbell



was it ever before?

Author — devudu chesina manishi


I wish Bill would stop interrupting Trump.

Author — Tatsu


My boy Trump! Tell it like it is

Author — Annatar