Atheism in Egypt: The challenges facing non-believers? BBC News

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Atheism in Egypt: The challenges facing non-believers? BBC News 4.5

Atheism is still widely considered a taboo topic in Egypt and non-believers say that they often feel the need to keep their discussions private. In the coastal city of Alexandria, the BBC spoke to a group of atheists about the difficulties they face living in a conservative society. The BBC's Hadya Alalawi reports

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Holy crap being an atheist in the middle east, you might as well paint a bullseye on your back

Author — AussieBlokeGordo


The challenges: Getting murdered, arrested, beaten up, fired, having to argue with idiots, etc.

Author — John Daugherty


I wish for your safety guys. Atheist here from philippines

Author — Ace Andrei Mirandilla


I can't imagine what it would be like being an atheist in the Middle East. Lots of respect!

Author — Seb Doyon


I wish those Atheists in Muslim majority nations
the best and I pray that they remain safe.

Author — Here_We_Go_Again3


I am Ex muslim from algeria and it's hard here to talk about that

Author — Massoud Stayles


Perhaps it's not about religion. it is about the freedom for every human born into this world to be free to choose what they wish to believe. If we want to choose Islam it's okay, but if we are forced to choose Islam or stay in Islam out of fear from government, people, social pressure; this is slavery.

How would it feel if you were born in Israel and forced to be Jewish?

To each their own.

Author — Josh Jackson


inflexable .. but he detests those that have different beliefs .. good luck to the young that are beginning to question

Author — dubz7t2


The internet will create more atheists every where. Knowledge kills religion.

Author — Sean O


I am an ex muslim. I officially left islam 20 years ago, but for 10
years I lived as a muslim, but I was not. Many many many muslims do the
same. He was afraid that if an atheit tells the truth, people will
follow him. Actually there Al Qaradawi said that "if apostasy was
allowed in islam, islam would have finished right after the prophet's
death." I agree. Muslims are afraid that pople will lear the truth.



These are the young leaders of our world I look up to. Such bold people in such a hostile environment.

Author — Alex Joslin


The hatred some religious people express towards Atheists shows just how backwards they are and how religion is preventing too much of the world to progress.

Author — Bearkins Bear


Be it Egypt, India, US or any other country in west, accepting atheism is like accepting the faults in societal norms, that were established centuries ago. Its not easy to accept for people that they have been brainwashed in believing something, which never existed. Imagine the plight of all those who knelt down in temples, mosques, churches etc. praying to nothing but a stone idol or air? How stupid will they come across, if it is proven beyond doubts, that there was never a god? Imagine the plight of million of followers who killed or saw someone getting killed for nothing? Atheism will never be accepted by believers, because the idea of coming across as complete retarded, makes them uncomfortable. Accept it, whether one likes it or not, religion will plague us for many more generation to come. If not the belief itself, stubbornness will keep believers going.

Author — Grv Nvm


Fact they consider atheism/agnostic taboo shows how backward Egypt society still is!

Author — tom tom


I’m exmuslim from arab world I hope free and peace for all non believers like me

Author — Aura Arab


Beautiful: there's hope after all. Thanks for sharing, this has brightened up my day.

Author — picarochi


Let's hope these countries snap out of the religious insanity soon.

Author — Mr Jee


0:38 the lady sounds like a squealing chicken

Author — LordVader89


very proud of these brave youngsters, greetings from Indonesia, atheists here are facing the same problem! stay safe everyone!

Author — S. Nawfal


Egypt once had the most prosperous civilization and it's sad to see how their legacy ends

Author — kumar pratyush