Postman Pat – The Original Theme Song in Stereo (Bryan Daly/Ken Barrie, 1982)

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Because it's so inexplicably rare: the full soundtrack version of Postman Pat's original theme song in stereo. (Almost all YouTube uploads I can find of this are in mono for whatever reason.) This full-length rendition of Pat's 1981 theme was first released to vinyl and cassette in 1982, on the album "Postman Pat – Songs and Music from the Television Series". The copy heard in my video is sourced from the 1991 compilation CD "The Childrens World of T.V. Themes".

Written, composed and orchestrated by Bryan Daly.
Sung by Ken Barrie.

Please note: I do not own the material seen or heard here. This video was created to preserve the memory of a great theme song.

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Greetings from South Africa. Great stuff! I rember listening to this stuff when I was young. I'm 25 now. I used to have an audio tape with the 2 specials, the Toy soldiers and the bus which had this version of the theme song along with the stories and that was my initial introduction to Postman pat. I just don't know where I can get hold of the digital audio versions like a CD or something of those. I've always wondered nowadays who was the man behind it all. Now I know. RIP Ken Barry. Thank you for the great memories.

Author — Joshua Preyser


RIP Ken Barrie, Bryan Daly & Ivor Wood the guys who made Postman Pat possible and it's hard to believe that John Cunliffe might be the last person involved with the original series who is currently alive. I hope John stays with us for a while yet to come.

Author — Jamie Boy1995


RIP Ken Barrie, John Cunliffe, Ivor Wood and Bryan Daly, Your work on the original series of Postman Pat will never be forgotten.

Author — thomas walsh


Well Done Ken Barrie.
You're a good singer and did a great job of doing Postman Pat.
We miss you Ken Barrie.

Author — Max Williams


RIP Ken Barrie And Ivor Wood, They Brung Pat Alive

Author — Calvin Jacks


Rip to ken Barrie and to john cunliffe, ivor wood and Bryan Daly you made my childhood memories the best you will be never forgotten all of you you are all legendary your be in our memories

Author — SijeyToons


Can someone upload the second version of this, with the added synthesized underscoring? The only place to find it I know of is SoundCloud.

Author — Will C Wilson


Thank you for sharing this classic theme tune.  Our Granddaughter loves to dance to this. :)

Author — keithfrmcov


RIP, Ken Barrie good bye my dear postman...

Author — 이은석