☀️💧 MY BEST DECK | Azorius Control | Innistrad Midnight Hunt Standard | MTG Arena

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For others playing this deck, if there is nothing but tokens on the field, you can play mastery for its student cost. The opponent can't return the token to their hand.

Author — Joe Rybka


Just a PSA, you can't block a field of ruin target by activating Hall of the Storm Giants in response. The targeting happened before it had ward, so you don't need to pay extra.

Author — Kevin Reimnitz


I dont know what it is, but I never get tired of watching CGB do 0 points of damage, not mill, but just remove all sense of hope and makes his opponent scoop. It's amazing

Author — Henry Thibodeau


The memory deluge going 7 deep and finding 7 lands was really funny

Author — Harrison Block


It hasn’t been mentioned yet so I’m just going to clarify:
In game one you still got to shuffle the cards back with the Cover Up because it’s also targeting the cards in the graveyard.
All the targets need to be illegal to make a spell or ability “fizzle” and because it’s still targeting the cards in the bin, we resolve as much of the spell as we can.

Author — Zakana


I have been playing the original version of this deck since CGB posted it and found the 4 Faithful Mendings were too often dead cards in my hand. I swapped 2 out for 2x Bag of holding which works well. Occasionally the bag gets blown up before you can sac it to get your cards back but more often it turns into big card draw and it turns Mending into a Draw 4 (twice). The fact that Bag turns all discards into delayed draws is a hugely overlooked static ability.

Author — Paul Chapman


I played against you with what must have been an earlier version. I was the WR burn mage that decked you a turn before you could kill me. What an epic game. I literally had the concede button clicked but then my 11 year old aspiring magic player son said "can he actually kill you"? Looked at your library, you had around 11 cards and no threats on the table. I was like...well, lets see eh?

Author — Michae Dove


Amazing stuff!!! What a great run - the UW Control-Master returned and delivered 💪🏽

Author — Benjamin Auner


It's a good day when CGB uploads a 90+ minute video of UW control.

Author — Mark Johnson


Once again, the Azorius war crime has escalated. The Mordenkainen's ultimate with Devious Cover-Up combo, hand full of removal, sweep, and counterspell ON TOP OF an undeckable loop.


Author — Nano.Firefly


Man, I've been watching your videos this last weeks to see how was the actual state of standard after the rotation and you've wanted me to come back to arena to test a few decks. Great videos, thank you very much.

Author — Frikis Viajeros


That last game was amazing, you're just so good in your choice making. Love watching you play control

Author — Len C


Honestly i love watching the long control matches because it makes me think a lot. Seeing your thought process has seriously improved my gameplay as well, thank you for teaching all of us so much. Seeing you post an hour and a half vid of control made my day. Thank you for all your hard work and please keep up the control videos <3

Author — The_ sad_miracle


Dude, the slow roll control gameplay is why I subbed to the channel in the first place. No need to rush perfection 👌

Author — Jeff F


Always proving to be the most legendary mtg player I’ve ever watched. Been watching your channel for 2 years and I can’t even begin to describe the inspiration and knowledge I’ve gained over this journey. Keep it up CGB!

Author — Lucas Webb


Oh man, theses games were great and I am loving this deck. I've been playing the version with no walkers. Devastating Mastery is a powerhouse. Thank you for the content and the sweet control decks.

Author — Josh York


Really good video, really sweet deck! Personally I would go to 2x Teferi and 2x Skyclave Relic instead of Mending, so you can abuse the +1 of Teferi in a useful way. Absence seems like a 2-of, cause giving the opponent a card always hurts.

Author — KGX


This deck is so freakin evil!
I played it on Standard Events, and its amazing how players with mono white or something are willing to topdeck their stuff just seeing you find a perfect answer with deluge for it. I got a Mordenkainem with 23 counters on it, and they were refusing to scoop. So they choose to die by library death
Great way playing magic. I really enjoy!

Author — RaffN1


Been running an esper control deck in a standard event and it's been pure beauty. Keep up the great content, sensei!

Author — igknighting


Go CGB! You have 2 wins so far, I want you to do good for the rest!

Glad you're trying something new it's a fun tourny for the one in best of one. I loved your CovertGoLore, all these new sets, please you and Gina do it again xD

Author — Curiously Great Gaming