Solas & inquisitor [Party Banter] | Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Party banter from Dragon Age: Inquisition.
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Everyone else's romance banter: 5 to 10 minutes
Sola's romance, Bioware: "idk here's a good minute or so"

Author — zainab abdul jalil


The way he says "Vhenan" and "It's clear I'm not here for you". Damnit Solas, the god of smooth talk.

Author — Maria Elisa Nasso


I love how they foreshadowed that Solas was the Dread Wolf all along in his banter with Cole after the break up.
Especially how it´s hinted at that he previously saw mortals as mere beasts before falling in love with her.

Author — NotDumbassable


If they don't continue with Solas's storyline, in the next DA game, I'm going to be so ticked off! lol

Author — Shizzy


I really hope the romance finds a way to bring something positive in DA4. I'll be devastated if Solas and the Inquisitor cannot find happiness. I love his smooth talking ass so much.

Author — Kimberly Sichler


Having Solas call my Lavellan “vhenan” in public is absolutely delicious 😭😭😭

Author — Adrienne H


Okay but it still gives me chills that Solas can basically take over Cole and otherwise block him out. Solas is an ancient being with magical powers beyond comprehension and DA4 is h y p e

Author — Levi Ackerman


Cole could have figured everything out if he was given some time

Author — Wuft Chan


The thing that always got me was..Cole's comments here. The Inquisitor is implied to think that SHE is the one at fault. That SHE is the reason Solas is breaking up with her.

She thinks it's her fault.

Author — Remful


I think the reason why Solas’s romance is so short compared to others is because he was not supposed to be romanceable, the devs put it later on and I believe they had a limited time to do so

Author — sombrinha


Poor Cole, He's like an innocent childlike spirit that's still learning about mature things. He's funny and cute like that

Author — AnimeVampireFanGirl


I found coles dialogue so interesting and an interesting change.

Throughout the game you see him do his mind reading thing. Listing peoples pains and trying to help stop their hurt, and I really love that they kept it consistant that he tries it with you after Solas breaks up with you, you ending up on the receiving end of his help for once.

It's a nice moment from cole, and it make me love our weird squirrely kid even more.

Author — Mistah Morningstar


Sera's internalized racism towards her own people is really distressing to me. I'm genuinely upset that we never got the opportunity to help her get past that and love herself and her heritage. I'm afraid Fen'Harel might use her as evidence of how far the elves have fallen come the next DA installment.
If we don't witness Zevran, Fenris, Sera, and Merrill's opinions of the Dread Wolf's Cause in DA4 I will be devastated, especially if our Inquisitor romanced Solas.

Author — Elise Swan


1:00, I feel like Cassandra is thinking of a... different “private” moment👀. I could be wrong.

Author — nube ☁️


I hear alot of people say Solas is boring ect. He is far from boring... He is one of the most interesting characters in DA (in my humble opinion).
I mean he wants to reverse the mistake he did. A mistake he thought would save his people but ended up destroying them. But his solution is awful... And will probably destroy even more... It's like whem you desperately try to fix something, but it just keeps breaking more and more.
I really hope there is a way to stop him or something...
I would turn my Inquisitor to the dark side for him tho so if he can't be stopped at least give awfully bittersweet but heart breaking ending where Inquisitor and Solas can just die together or something with beautiful cutscene that will make me cry for a month (don't judge me 😩)

I guess we will find out... 2022 the earliest... Haha... 😔 I hope we won't be disappointed 😂

Author — 메리


Itd be great if the inquisitor and Solas continued their romance in dragon age 4 but we won’t find out until the actual trailer comes out and the game.

Author — Madyson H


I think I got a Cole/Solas banter with no dalish tattoos . Maybe it was about something else but I feel like one banter is missing

Author — gabriellez613


"It means you're real, then that means everybody else is real..." ...does this mean Solas wants to complete Alexius's work? Turn back time to before he put up the Veil? That would mean everything Solas experienced with the Inquisitor was fake so he didn't need to worry what happened in this reality D=

Author — Rorania


god dam it, Solas you smooth talking egg

Author — Ivan Hunter


Can someone explain to me the last dialogue between sera, the inquisitor and solas?

Author — rat