Moving and living in Montreal, Quebec. Our adventure from Finland to Canada (through New York)

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Moving and living in Montreal, Quebec. Our adventure from Finland to Canada (through New York) 4.5
A short video showing how moving to Montreal (from Finland) and living there went.

Video clips and some still images around the city by the eyes of the foreigner: downtown Montreal, Mackay and Dr Penfield street apartments, La Ronde amusement park, Atwater, L´International Des Feux Loto-Québec (some of the clips are only few seconds long)...

At the beginning of the video also briefly seen: downtown New York and the clip of the bus trip from NYC to Montreal. At another video of mine there's more video material about international fireworks competition in Montreal.

All footage: Nokia Lumia 1020
Video and still images copyright: Juha Pahkamaa, Oulu, Finland

Music copyright:
a clip of "Seas of Mars" by Jahzzar, under CC BY-SA 3.0 License,
"Twenty Ten" by Marc Burt, under CC BY-NC 3.0 License
(songs might be shortened for the video use)

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I lived in Montreal until 2013. Since then, I only go to Canada for vacation. I hope to go live back there. Now, I’m living in my country of birth, which is Haiti. 🇭🇹

Author — Clamensley Daméus


Montreal is similear to new york well a little bit but this is canada

Author — Samuel Marroquin


Damn I love my city ❤ and I liiiivvveeee for the international fireworks competition!!! I watch every single one of them every year! Thats the best part of my summer❤

Author — Linda Scardere


I like Montreal and I hope to go there soon

Author — New P


I love Montreal, I lived in Montreal for five years, in Toronto for six, years ago, no comparison, Montreal hands-down.

Author — manbtm1


thanks for give us the experiences. it was so exiting. I want move too! the song is great... electronic rules!

Author — Adrian Rodolfo Valdez Dorado


Montreal is so beautiful and awesome!
Thanks for sharing this video!
Btw, does anyone know the name of the song that the old man is playing on the piano at 6:11?

Author — Pablo Castillo


Awesome video.I wish One day I will there.I love traveling.

Author — Homely Chef - Vandana Ahire


That s my city i live here . I love Montréal . If you have any questions, ask me

Author — Kevin Lacelle


Thanks for the great video. I was a home sick Montrealer living in Europe. It's lovely to see how other see my beautiful homeland. Hope you enjoyed the city!

Author — Stuart Greer


They didnt care where I from
I was in toronto or Clifton Hill
Every single weekend 6YEARS

Author — Will Winter


Hey there i want to Come to Montréal i love it❤ Can You help me!!

Author — تنمية بشرية Human development


Great video. I live in Montreal and it's a great representation of what life is. There are pianos here and there like the man playing piano at 6:1. I actually work at 8 :46. You've captured our city well.

Author — Jean-Marc Boivin


U put a lot of work into this video ..thank u

Author — Marcus De Greatest


If I had to live in North America I would definately choose Quebec, although I dont speak french. This part of North America seems safe, clean and prosperous.

Author — NordikFilm


OH! Beautiful Montreal! I relocated here and have such a love for this city. I have lived and traveled all around the USA and love some of the places I have been, but nothing is like Montreal. I have created a channel for Montreal called Brandy Lynn: Montreal and Beyond. This channel is great for anyone wanting to visit or move to Montreal or a local who just wants to rediscover a love for their city. Check it out. I always follow back.

Author — Brandy Lynn


Thanks for sharing this lovely, awesome! video. I've been to Montreal for a visit, stayed one month downtown.
It was in the winter time and I loved it. Would like to go back in the summer.
your video depicts beautiful and breathtaking views

Author — Hope Schirn


i wish come to canada but i dont have any person there for help me, and thanks for video  bro  its nice city :)

Author — fathi algerien


that is a wow, to myself very well done.. any great secret spots to eat . cheers are you still in MTL> hope so

Author — L Pi


Fantastic video and what an amazing city. I've been twice to Quebec and Montreal and only have find memories. Thankyou for sharing .

Author — camsw4