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Toyota Venza Returns for 2021 as Two-Row Hybrid-Only SUV

While its specs are similar to the RAV4 hybrid’s, the new Venza aims to fill the space between the compact RAV and the three-row Highlander.

The 2021 Toyota Venza is a new hybrid two-row crossover intended to fit between the RAV4 and the Highlander.
It brings back the Venza name from a Camry-based crossover that was discontinued in 2015.
The Venza will go on sale in the U.S. in August.

Toyota has been without a mid-size, two-row crossover offering since it discontinued the Venza in 2015. But now that nameplate is coming back for 2021 for a new model that will once again slot between the RAV4 and Highlander. Based on the Japan-market Toyota Harrier, the new 2021 Toyota Venza will be offered in the U.S. only with a hybrid powertrain that promises up to 40 mpg combined.

Against competitors such as the Ford Edge, Honda Passport, and Hyundai Santa Fe, the Venza is on the small side of its segment. It has the same 105.9-inch wheelbase as the RAV4 and is only 5.7 inches longer than that compact crossover. Cargo space behind the Venza's rear seats measures just 36 cubic feet, which is actually two cubic feet less than what the RAV4 offers. Rear-seat space in the Venza is dimensionally similar to the RAV4.

The Venza also shares its TNGA platform with the RAV4 and many other Toyota models, and its hybrid drivetrain is nearly identical to the RAV4's optional hybrid setup. Pairing a 2.5-liter inline-four gasoline engine with three electric motors—one on the rear axle that gives the Venza standard all-wheel-drive capability—the Venza makes the same 219 combined horsepower as the RAV4 hybrid and promises the same 40 mpg combined EPA rating.

If the Venza doesn't offer any more space or power than the RAV4, at least it does look more upscale both inside and out. The exterior design aims for a more premium look, as opposed to the RAV4's rugged pretensions, and the interior materials look posh compared to those in even the RAV4's highest trim levels.

The Venza will also offer more high-end features than the RAV4, including a large 12.3-inch touchscreen display, a digital rearview mirror, a head-up display, and a special panoramic glass roof with a "frost control" feature that can adjust between transparent and opaque. LE, XLE, and Limited trim levels will be offered, and standard equipment on the LE includes a power driver's seat, an 8.0-inch touchscreen, a power liftgate, 18-inch wheels, and many driver-assistance features.

Toyota isn't talking pricing yet, but we'll wager the Venza will start in the mid-$30,000 range and go up to around $45,000 when fully loaded. While the RAV4 and Highlander both sell hundreds of thousands of units annually in the U.S., Toyota says it anticipates the Venza to hit around 50,000 annual sales in our market. It will reach U.S. dealerships in August.

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The coolest thing is, that this car isn't a cross van any more, it is a real "Toyota RX!" Looks so interesting!

Author — Standly UA


Now, its going to be tough in Lexus department.

Author — congausa1


I really like this! I prefer the lower, less boxy look of this over the Rav4. The Venza looks more like a hatch or wagon to me. Bring more wagons!!! I’m so tired of the SUV/crossover craze

Author — T R


Perfectly made!
Waiting for it to show up on my dealer and am getting me one, such a simple but well equipped car.

Author — Iam_ Martin


It’s pretty, clean lines...but, really could of improved on that steering wheel!

Author — Yolanda Rodriguez


First Toyota with a palatable interior. Good job.

Author — Mohit Yadav


Damn. My 2013 Venza is going to be so Jealous



With the the economy now, everything will be compromised

Author — Gari Velez


All freaking SUVs look exactly the same WTF . Less music effects and more innovations please

Author — José Ignacio Pérez


If Toyota carries on like this ..it's only a matter of time buyers will save themselves the extra Premium to have the L Finesse Badge😆

Author — TheMuzikall


That's state of the art simpleness beauty I'm praying God to give me one those if I get it phrase the Lord but if not phrase the Lord too yeah

Author — Vicente Salazar


Good finshing in interior ..i like also other features of this car...



I just wanted to know this will come with PHEV or when if do have any plans?

Author — Steve Oiwa


Después de muchos años por fin veo un toyota bonito 🤤

Author — Alexander Luzon


Are they going continue build the v6 ?

Author — dave dinh


Love the Venza. I leased my first one and now own a second. I was so sad when Toyota stopped manufacturing them. I’m so excited about this news! It really is a great model! Very different exterior but the roomy interior looks very similar.

Author — Maria A.


One of the Best Designed Cars from TOYOTA..
Loved it..

Author — Sambasiva Rao. Raavi


Does anyone know if this 2021 venza will be released in the UK? Great video btw 👌

Author — Mir Ijaz


The new Venza has a touch screen climate control, no thanks I still stick to the old fashioned knobs control

Author — Carl Miez


Beautiful! I see a lot of upscale Lexus DNA..

Author — Familyman247