Mike Rowe | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 12

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Mike Rowe | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 12 5

Mike Rowe joins me to discuss his journey from tradesman to TV celebrity, the importance of a strong work ethic, and why happiness is not a worthy goal.

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*President Ben Shapiro:* My fellow Americans, for my first act as President, I will be reintroducing the gold standard, but first, a message from our friends over at Birch Gold.

Author — mariokarter13


Mike Rowe is the Head Professor at Dad University.

Author — Justin Bell


i didnt graduate 8th grade . dropped out of high school . now at 34 years old i make over 100k a year in the trades. god bless America. the land of opportunity if you get off your butt and work

Author — Jason Perkins


"No one is starting from the same starting line, it's okay... But it's 100% up to us where we finish."


Author — Michael Molash


Wait, Dirty Jobs was a show Mike Rowe made for his Grandpa? I loved that show already just for giving credit to normal people and their skills, but damn... Please run for president, Mike. Please.

Author — Sez


Mike is so much of a philosopher it's funny because of how he uses it. Mike's grandfather would be very proud of what he has become.

Author — Ian Potter


Ben is obviously a genius, but he appears to be confiding and learning from Mike.

Author — Dalton Baker


Seldom do I, not only watch an hour long YouTube video but, actually crave another hour.

Author — Brandon Hall


Not surprised Trump sent him the robe. Definitely something he would do. Love my president!

Author — xjellybeans x


That Donald Trump story versus the complete inaction of Hillary and Bernie for a worthy sums everything up and shows America made the right choice.

Author — Dave Ktver


Mr mike is one of the reasons I'm the man I am today. I was glued to his show growing up. You're one of the reasons I work as hard as I do, and do the jobs that I do. You taught me that no job was beneath me and every job was a blessing. Thank you mr mike.

Author — Postal Patriot556


This was a well spent hour.
Thank you Ben and Mike.
Greetings from Israel

Author — amir pando


I admire Mike Rowe, my husband was a master welder made a wonderful living, read 3 books a week and was beautiful.

Author — Melissa VanCl_


Words I learned from Mike Rowe today:

Author — Umicon42


I would love to see Mike Rowe and Jordan Peterson in a long forum discussion.

Author — Tracey R


New drinking game: everyone does a shot when Ben says, "Lesbian Dance Theory."

Author — Derek Hunter


Tennessee's new governor, Bill Lee, is taking state government surplus and putting it into vocational education. I think it's brilliant!

Author — PhilGeissler


I was taught by my Father: who is the last person to have a job when a corporation goes bankrupt? The Janitor. Respect those who make civilization civilized. Skilled labor matters.

Author — April Spencer


If your job is lost due to technology then learn how to repair the technology and you will always be employed!

Author — Steve Jewell


"happiness is a terrific symptom... it's a terrible goal."
fnckin' gold!

Author — cortedemico