US troops are pulling out of Northern Syria

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US troops are pulling out of Northern Syria 4.5

Ankara says its forces have now entered Tal Abyad, and they've taken control of Ras Al Ain and Saluk.

Al Jazeera's Rosiland Jordan is live from Washington DC.


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The real terrorist of whole world is now leaving the peaceful region.

Author — Sparky Dude


Excellent reporting by Rosiland Jordan and Zeina Khodr. You two are great!

Author — Agatha


Am indian
I like ur chanel
We want aljazeera more

Author — Help Best


US should have left long ago....!!! 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — Ru Vladir


"When the wolf comes to the place, the rule of coyotes ends" - Turkish proverb...

Author — polatTurk


Let them go back to their trailers... Nobody will miss them

Author — Steve LaCroix


America must come out of the middle east

Author — BrotherMohd Hanif


Erdogan said The border all way long and 35 km deep
From manbic to iraq

Author — Eko Fresh


Turkish Army support from Pakistan!! Russia and Turkish army should Sandwich US.

Author — navid ahmad


I’m heading right to Saudi Arabia to end the never ending war. Make sense America to the t corporation

Author — The Dangerous one


Northern Syria is the bread basket of Syria, more than one player want it, it where they have oil fields etc.. Now that the US has pulled out which I think it's the right decision, the kurds have no choice than to realign with the Syrian govt or be toast by turkey

Author — Malik Aubrey


so the Syrian Kurd have to make peace with other Syrians, so force to move to peace. Europe should step up and take care of their citizens???

Author — rick couture


Very good. This is not war of the USA!

Author — Marco Jacinto de Camillis Bueno


dont hit the americans on their way out :D

Author — Aladdin Loves Jasmin


1:50 “ The... The Syrian.. democracy forces.” No...Syrian defence force. No bob.. you got it wrong 😂

Author — Omar Moustafa bin Ail


2:22 northern part of cereal 😅🤣😂, then he fixed it and said Syria. You thought nobody heard it, but I did lol.

Author — T H


Bring back our troops home ✌🇺🇸
thank you Mr. president

Author — ミリーサーミ


I thought usa were with turkey and the daish anyway? SO WHAT CROSSFIRE?

Author — Brendan Gavaghan


Why is it AJ is the only channel really covering what's going on in Syria.

Author — Just The Facts Media


US withdraw from Syria, and Turkey completes its operations, Syrian refugees can return to their home and the Syrian government can take over after that.

Author — Bro Chai