Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

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Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me 5

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DIRECTOR: Saam Farahmand

Founding Partner: Patrick Milling-Smith
Exec Producer: David Richards
Exec Producer: Kamila Prokop
Producer: Matt Day
DP: Pete Konczal
PD: Rob Ebeltoft
1st AD: Chris Bicknell
Wardrobe: Aeri Yun
Hair: Panos
Make-up: Lucy Wearing
VFX: Platige
Edit: Julia Knight, Speade
Color: Bryan Smaller, Company3

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" Juice WRLD not only had several drugs in his blood when he passed away, but authorities found other loose pills on him -- and according to the autopsy, his girlfriend described in stark detail his final moments.

Cook County Medical Examiner released its report which includes details on drugs in his system. As we first reported, Juice's cause of death was an accidental overdose of Oxycodone and codeine. Both were at extremely high levels in his blood.

The report also says he had Promethazine and Naloxone. Promethazine is an ingredient in codeine cough syrups -- commonly used to make lean -- but on its own can be used to treat nausea. The Naloxone is the active ingredient in Narcan, which is used to counteract opioid overdoses.

Juice received several doses of Narcan that morning. Police say someone in Juice's crew told paramedics on scene they'd already administered it once, nasally. Authorities say he was bleeding from the mouth and nose when paramedics arrived.

During transport in the ambulance, Juice stopped breathing ... according to Chicago Fire Department. They tried CPR and more Narcan. When that didn't work, they tried another 2 MG Narcan treatment.

Juice's girlfriend, Alicia Leon, told authorities at Midway Airport that he had "let out a gasp and collapsed to the ground" as FBI agents searched his bags. As you know, they eventually found 70 lbs. of marijuana in several suitcases aboard the private jet. "

Author — Jessie James


“We all die. The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to make something that will.”

Author — dumbclips


nobody in the world:
nobody in the universe:
until .-_.-

Author — Demitri Lynch


2040: Lucid Dreams play on the radio

ME: I will never forget you😪

Author — Antonio Villicana


1:06 they really turned my guy Juice WRLD into an exhaust pipe...

Author — ross


“We all die.We can’t live forever.But what he made will always live forever.

Rip juice 😭😫😔😣

Author — Ayden Hernandez


All I can say is I miss Jucie WRLD and when i hear his part i start crying

Author — urska dular


JUICE WAS THE BEST EVER just like his song legends R.I.P

Author — Evan Belka 27


I didn’t predict juices death the original comment was a joke about him smoking that got lots of likes and after he died I didn’t think it was funny anymore that’s why I changed it to Rip juice

Author — The Tescobars


Yo Guys Juice Ain’t Dead He’s Just SippinJuiceInABetterWrld

Author — Provoke Socratic


“Date me, break me, easily replace me”

|:|💔that hits differently💔|:|

Author — 《•NicoleTheKitsune•》


it still hasn't registered in my brain that he's gone, he had so much energy 😢

Author — account


Who's here after they heard the news? 💔 still can't believe

Author — Waleed Asim


Me in 2049: *Hate me Comes on the radio*

Me: *_crying_*

Le son: why u cry??

Me: it’s nothing

Author — ParaDox


sometimes i listen to his songs and forget he's dead :(

Author — sxphieツ


“Lies tell me lies baby tell me how you hate me”

Hits dif-

Author — Smxking •*•


Juice wrld: hate me hate me tell me how I’m Trash and u can easily replace me

Me: 999 DAMAGE that hurts
:c rip legend

Author — Max The roblox player


*Juice WRLD: - blows smoke for 36sec from one inhale -*

*Smokers: - MIND BLOWN -*

Author — Abiah Stephen


2:13 i was listening with 1 headphone on, i thougt they broke

Author — Roko Džidić


guys guys

stay till the very end

what is happening at the end😂

Author — Gitaciii kaj te briga