Goldberg's WWE Debut

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

One of WCW's biggest stars, Goldberg, interrupts The Rock's appreciation night with an emphatic statement - Raw, March 31, 2003

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The rock sold the living shit out of that spear! This 11min video was better than all of raw 2013. 

Author — SmurfVlogs™


This was in Seattle. My uncle took my brother and myself to this event, my first ever. Goldberg was my absolute favorite wrestler. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see him come back early for this event. Highlight of my childhood. Thank you Goldberg

Author — garebear101


as a wcw kid in the 90's, this moment was amazing.

Author — Solid Shepard


What a lot of people don't realize is that Seattle was a very strong WWE territory and for Goldberg to get that pop and reaction is still epic to this day.

Author — Chazz_US Marine


Jerry kills me… “These people are jealous of The Rock being a movie star. They are jealous of his good looks”. 🤣🤣🤣

Author — bbygal rea


When Goldberg came to WWE my brother was so excited R. I.P big bro love you always and forever

Author — Jeremy James


I'm 33 years old now but still give some hype and childhood memories when I see and hear Goldberg entrance.

Author — Danz


Even as a heel The Rock gets more love from the crowd than Roman and Cena

Author — Tyler Shaw


I get goosebumps just listening to GOLDBERG'S theme music. I love seeing him wrestle.

Author — Denise Morant


"That's Goldberg, King! That's Goldberg!"
"I know it's Goldberg but where is he?"
"He's here in Seattle!"

Author — ThreeEyedPea


Nobody sells a finisher like The Rock 😂

Author — JCam


I have nothing but Mad Respect for The Rock, never hesitated to do what was needed to be done, put Guys over when necessary and still makes himself look like a million bucks in the Process. He may not be THE GOAT, but is definitely MY GOAT.

Author — Subhrajeet Biswas


The coolest thing about The Rock was that he always sold his opponents' signature moves really well.

Author — YouOnlyLiveTwice


“He’s standing in the fireworks JR!”

damn i remember memorizing every line in this promo as a kid. Such nostalgia

Author — Kevin


Goldberg is the Ultimate Wrestler of all time
Perfect body
Perfect character

Author — Arrowسترايكر


Goldberg's theme is like a last boss theme on the old super Nintendo.

Author — J-ROC


This was probably my fav moment of wresting growing up!!
And I was honored to be able to go to Raw when Goldberg fought Kane in the Lumberjack match basically against evolution! Memories!

Author — Pits n Pistols


I’m still watching this in 2022 and I still chanting “Goldberg Goldberg!!!” Not skipping or fast forwarding not one second! Still Epic !!!! Who else is still here?!?

Author — Herold Macajoux


That Accountant Ira Goldberg line is legitimately hilarious, brilliant timing as always from Rock

Author — Kyle Smith


Damn! Goldberg back then was literally unstoppable. Put him in front of any wrestler in the ring and he was a pure Beast.

Author — Amit Sharma Sketches