Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster - 3 RIDES - Front, Middle & Back Row, Toy Story Land Early Morning

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We went to a Passholder Play Time at Toy Story Land (Disney's Hollywood Studios), which allowed us almost 2 hours of Toy Story Land attractions with no wait. We rode Slinky Dog Dash many times, and this is a compilation of several of those rides - in the front, middle and back rows.

Video shot and edited by Jeff Lange.

Recorded 09/16/18 Featuring Commentary from Denise Preskitt and Jeff Lange.

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Video shot and edited by Jeff Lange

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I went on this and it took me 2 HOURS IN A FREAKING LINE but like, WORTH IT!

Author — XxRiley Xx


The queue is probably one of my favorite parts about the ride, they're so pretty, and realistic.

Author — _phaedra_


I’m really not a huge adrenaline junkie and don’t like huge rollercoasters but this looks so ridiculously fun. Definitely riding this when I go back. It doesn’t look too intense or anything. Super fun!

Author — Kaitlyn McCort


this is really making me miss being at disney.. it was my last day the other day and i won’t be back for another 2 years.. :( really sad

Author — ella


I’ve been on this when I went to Florida in February and it was really fun. Not super fast not anything intense, it was so fun

Author — Misx͓̽ry


I feel like the wait wouldn't be as boring as other rides because there is so much to look at

Author — sweet potato


This is adorable for the parents to get on this with their kid and actually enjoy a rollercoaster together sharing memories!

Author — SUEDUCE


my family wait 2 hours in that line. when we got to the loading station, it started to pour. sheets of rain were coming down, we went on anyways and couldn’t see what was happening because the wind was blowing sheets of rain into our face. we were completely soaked by the end of it even though we had rain jackets😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Author — Laney Nicole


I Love this so much

Author — Tatiana Gulbicka


OMG ame cuando escuche que daban instrucciones también en español

Author — Abigail Lago


We went to Hollywood for one day in February (went to all the parks) but we went to slinky in the afternoon and the line was so long. We waited 3 hours
Totally worth it

Author — beni


Is it me or whenever im always in front row of this ride I’m to small to see over slinky’s head he must have a big head

Author — roslyn Luvscats


I felt SO SMALL walking around in Toyland when I went to Disney World in April!

Author — Silver Addie Fun Pack!


絶対乗る!!♡〜 (●′艸'●) 〜♡

Author — cafe sweeets


*THATS THE BEST RODE EVER!!! It’s at Hollywood Studios and it’s like AMAZING! Get a fast-Pass tho cause it’s like 2 hour wait ;-;*

Author — Robin Albares


Looks sooo much fun usally im scared of heights but i would ride that lol

Author — Eddika Espinoza


Don’t go on New Years Eve and New Years. The wait for this was 3 and a half hours but ig it’s the experience that makes Disney so magical😍😍😇😇

Author — Squidlandia Official


This coaster is at that perfect level of fun where it's not too scary for little kids and not too boring for adults. It's really cool!

Author — Enigma


For a kids ride this is actually a really good coaster lol. Especially the left seat. Over the first turn it feels like you're falling out. Love it

Author — Barry Selfon


Omg I can't wait to go on this tomorrow! :D I'm just worried the line will be super long. ( But all the lanes will be long tho so eh )
Ty so much for this video bc I was so couris on what the ride rlly was

Author — [-Âlenâ-]