You are not the one [The Favourite]

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What a piece of art, the movie and these three women. I have not words to describe what I watched because it was surreal and at the same time splendid.

I made this video only to appreciated how a Oscar's winner performs. In this case, the three of them, and they deserve your time and remark.

And I have to say it, I shipped Queen Anne and Lady Sarah so much!!!!!!!!!! and Abigail is such a bitch!!!!!! I trully believe that Sarah loved Anne, even if it looks like she is only using her for rule the country, I do not believe it, she loves her queen and country and that love was real.

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● Actresses: Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone, Olivia Colman
● Movie: The Favourite
● Coloring: jula misiak

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Just saw this film twice and I absolutely love it. I think you’re 100% right, these three women deserve a thousand Oscars and recognition for their performance. It’s a constant love/hate relationship mixed with rivalry and as awkward as I think this film is sometimes, I really love it. So unusual for me, and that’s delicious.
I’m glad I found an edit about these three because I’ve been looking for that and no result until now. It’s just perfectly done! That’s the tea.

Author — Royaltea


"you look like a badger" gets me every time 😂 good job!

Author — alittlechaos


Sarah and Anne were really good together and Abigail was horrible and should have gotten worse than how she ended up.

Also amazing video, I live how you showed the three of her and you truly show the conflict of the film in such a magnificent manner. I love it!!!

Author — Marien Hoek


I watched the Favourite 17 times already and I love it more and more each time. Superb cast and performances

Author — Niki Moodley


It is so great that someone edited that masterpiece. Really YOU ARE AMAZING OF EDITING THIS! I also agree that Lady Shara loved Anne because firstly at the very beginning she talked about how love has limits (The director put that at the very beginning for a reason) secondly she burnt the love letters instead of publishing them and most importandly she had been always telling the truth at the queen to protect her. That's what she said before the Queen made her leave the palace. Abigail didn't love her she only wanted the position that's why she had been always mocking the queen but Shara told the Queen the truth everytime because that is love as she said correctly

Author — Despoina Siagkri


WOW! This is FANTASTIC!! I'm so happy to see you of all people editing this movie, you've done it such justice!! Like you, I ship Anne/Sarah like mad and even though Abigail is usually exactly the sort of social climbing ruthless character I like, I'm struggling to sympathize with her. Perhaps because she's actually such a pathetic little rabbit lol. And I agree, Sarah was passionate and committed and she did wield influence on Anne but she loved her also and worked for her wellbeing always.

Author — KuningannaSansa


I loooove this edit, so perfect! I've always loved Rachel Weisz, BUT THIS movie made me fall in love with her completely!

Author — Wockstar


When rachel weiz is wearing that kinda dress-suit omg rail me queen

Author — third polaroid


damn it's wild that so many people can't understand where abigail was coming from. can't blame a gal for trying to escape a system that left her beaten, traded, abused and raped for her entire life. -_-

Author — J G


It's definitely one of the best movies ever made! You're edit is amazing, it does justice to the actress. I ship hard Anne and Sarah as well

Author — SiriusFredTonks


OMG, Thank you for this video! I coudn't agree more with your description! I watched this movie a week ago and I'm still thinking about it every single day. Now i am about to watch it again. It is so intense, artistic and beautiful. Every single detail is perfect. The direction, the dialogues, the music, the costumes... Especially these 3 godesses with their excellent acting skills captivated me. Sarah and Anne made me feel so emotional. Their relationship, the love they shared was so genuine. Although at first I thought Sarah was  just an arrogant, selfish woman, in the end I loved her so much. I felt so sad that her pure feelings weren't recognised and she was defeated by Abigail. I also felt pitty for Anne who had such a kind heart, but she coudn't be happy because she felt betrayed by every person she loved. Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone did a great job. Yorgos Lanthimos should have won an Oscar for this piece of Art.

Author — ZetaPas


Sil, I love this! This film was so good, and you really captured that conflict perfectly! <3

Author — HostilePoet17


Your music choice is great . It truly shows their competition. And your editing just shows the right clip. It is a perfect video. I have now watched this video at least 10 times and it just feels the first time. You have done a fabulous work.

Author — Tanya Ojha


This deserves best editing than Bohemian Rhapsody

Author — 29films


I think Sarah actually loved Anne,
Abigail used her🤷🏼‍♀️🥺💔.

Author — Elle Smith


TBH I felt for all of them but at if I had to choose a pairing it would be Sarah and Anne, even though all three women were toxic I find that their affection was the purest

Author — Danielle Claassens


Como siempre... Eres Magnífica Silvia. Gracias por este hermoso video de esta maravillosa película. 👏👏👏

Author — Mari FG


THIS IS SO BRILLIANT *hands you an oscar*

Author — allureofdarkness


i watched this movie not so long ago, and i LOVE your vid with it, you captured these three so well :D

Author — theaquasarah


That was amazing. That has to be the film's theme song. The Favourite is the #1 love triangle movie.

Author — Tina Hernandez-Zudell