Johnson blocks scientists from answering 'political' questions at coronavirus briefing

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Johnson blocks scientists from answering 'political' questions at coronavirus briefing 2

Boris Johnson repeatedly prevented journalists from asking the chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, and the chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, for comments on Dominic Cummings' breach of lockdown, at the government's daily coronavirus briefing on Thursday. Both Vallance and Whitty eventually confirmed they did not want to be involved in politics, to which Johnson added: 'Unfortunately, I have no choice'

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"Blink twice if you are being held against your will."

Author — John Hill


"Unfortunately I have no choice." You wanted to be Prime Minister.

Author — Adrian Carlton-Oatley


This is the new "Get Brexit done" answer to EVERY question he's asked. "I think what the public want is ahaaah I, I, I, I, I eh what the um eh public want to see is blah um eh blah"

Author — Laura Walker


To quote Homer Simpson: "Oh, facts! Facts can be used to prove anything!"

Author — Graham Turner


i hate when people loiter in doorways.

Author — JamesA


so all the people who got fines from the police and then their details and now on a police database they need some recompense also and they need to draw a line under their lives, you can't have one rule for you and one rule for the rest of us there's more of us in this country than there are you and always remember there's the section act under the mental health which you will not be immune from, you are not special politicians you still do the same things as any other human and your s*** not perfumed

Author — WM R


Clear and simple messages is the new strong and stable

Author — cardsharp1651


Message from Mars: My batteries are low and its getting dark.

Author — Roderick Antony


I'd love to know what Cummings got on Boris!

Author — Tracy Llewellyn


I'm sorry but he is a public servant. He cannot pick and choose what questions to he answers. He must be held to account for his massive failure in leadership! He is spineless for putting a person before the public!

Author — LordofAnnoyence


Check Heathrow Airport Arrivals & Departures, you can fly anywhere never mind drive to Durham.

Author — brian temple


So we live a in tyranny, tell me something I didn't know.

Author — Keith Outside the box


What a hopeless buffoon... this is the best he can manage even with Cuntings help

Author — Paul Myatt


Second comment liars often do say err err uhm uhm a lot when questioned

Author — Paul Buckle Buckle


Hey Boris, if you don’t want to get involved in political controversy have you thought about perhaps... not creating huge amounts of political controversy? Just a thought.

Author — Stephen Wakeman


“Let’s move on” = “I’m going to keep parrying your question”

Author — MiniLemmy


He was frightened in case they told the truth and that would never do !!

Author — Mod 66


Makes you wonder just how much dirt Cummings has on the Tories....

Author — Anthony's Wild Adventures


I wonder what Prime Minister Cummings made of the performance of his press secretary Johnson? 🤔

Author — Neil H


That was really embarrassing to watch, and initially when being asked questioned Boris Johnson tends to hide, according to some body language experts subconscious level people do not trust others when they hide the hands, it's a survival instinct.

Author — jdospooky Damian