Honeywell Lyric vs Nest Thermostat Unboxing, Installation and Review

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Honeywell Lyric vs Nest Thermostat Unboxing, Installation and Review 3

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How this "review" gets more likes than dislikes is beyond me.  This video is like a movie critic writing all about how he got got ready to go to a movie, and then didn't end up seeing it.

Author — jpenns


You know you're getting older when you're reviewing thermostats. :)

Author — Eric Bisson


Wtf is this? Lololo
Next episode I will be smelling various hardwoods and comparing the use of chemical preservatives used. :P

Author — MunReaper


You're becoming a professional installer!

Author — RockFour1


Honeywell Lyric is junk imo. 
The nest can do Geolocation too btw. 

Author — Marvin Vogt


I actually remember the video of you getting the nest ._.

Author — Joseph Wenke


You do understand that Honeywell has been making Iaq thermostats for years. Saying the lyric looks like the nest is like saying Michael Jordan's style is like Dwayne wade. Honeywell has been making round and small thermostats before I was born.

Author — A-Team Adam


Great to see the variety in the videos wicked! Theres only so much cod one man can play! :) would like to see more videos of household useful gadgets etc. automatic vacuums, robot vegetables, anything and everything

Author — Scott Racing


Patch & paint that screw hole in the wall!

Author — AL


Takes awhile to get to the temp you want. xD

Author — Caramon Bates


You prolly didn't have ur jumper onto rc

Author — Wil Fonder


I think you may have actually wired it wrong for a heat/cool system. Red should have went to RC not R. R is power in for heating only systems, RC is used for heat/cool unit. (even your "working" NEST is wired to RC)....

Author — John H


Your videos and favorites of my tweets keep me up at night. I live these videos of random things

Author — Greenwoodguy _


i love watching your random shit videos, always great xD

Author — Btadeathray



Do these only work with air conditioning units? We don't really use those in the UK, we have gas central heating usually - mine is underfloor. Would be cool to control it remotely though as it takes a while to warm up if it's been off for a long time.

Author — Th3OmegaPoint


80 F is 26 C, perfect heat :-) Sometimes though at night, very late at night when It gets cold it can hit 33 C / 90 F in my house. When the heating is working, But only in Spring/ Autumn /Winter, I live in an always cold country. Scotland.

Author — Jason Dolan


Honeywell invented the thermostat - their marketing didn't say they invented the smart thermostat

Author — Mike Wells


Were the "R" and the "Rc" terminals jumped together on the Lyric?

Author — FU NDA


The nest can also detect if you are away or not

Author — Henry Tran


nest thermostat wont work in place of dc thermostat aka millivolt

Author — Ibraheem Aljouhi