How to install a Trailer Tow Hitch Receiver Bar - CURT 13105 Class 3 Toyota Sienna

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

This is the second one I have installed. The first one was on my Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and that was even easier. If you ever wanted to install one, go for it. They are super handy to have and not hard to install.

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I bought the same hitch, and installed it last night. This video helped. It probably took me about 40 minutes. A universal joint for socket really helped get around the exhaust. I did not have to cut any underbody trim. This hitch is nice because it sits up high, which is important for an already low to ground minivan. Thanks for the video!

Author — Adam T


Thanks to your video, I took the time to install one in my car myself without taking it to the dealership. Saved me some good cash. Although challenging because it was just me and the trailer hitch was heavier than anticipated. It took me about 35 to 40 min.

Author — Edwin Wealth


Thanks for your video! I have the 2015 Sienna. The only difference is that you have to cut a long opening in the plastic pan on the left side first. Your video of how to slide the right side just above the muffler was a huge save for time and effort! I have to confess one thing -- I should have peeled off the plastic circles of tape covering the threads completely. Instead, I was lazy and just punched a hole after peeling off a couple. the tape is really tough, so I had to put in a lot more effort later trying to scrape off tape bits ... set myself up to fail...

Author — D L


In case anyone ran into the same issues I did ... if the holes for the bolts on your van are rusty enough that you can't get the bolts started properly, or they won't turn in the hole under finger pressure, you will probably benefit from cleaning out the threads a little more properly.

The threads I got with mine are M12 1.25 (fine thread) -- same thread size as some spark plugs. I had to go find a tap, with this thread, and 'chase' it all the way through (keep it oiled, do a quarter turn, back if off, and go at it again for another quarter turn, etc.) to clean out the threads.

Once I ran the tap through (had to use channel-locks to turn it -- the tap handle I had wouldn't fit in the space), the bolts turned like ice -- was easily able to torque it up to 79 lbs.

Author — Alan T


Thanks. I had this installed on my Honda CR-V and I love it. Works like a charm.

Author — Juanita Sullivan


Thanks.Very clear and concise.
I hate reading the directions...
Viewing gives much better picture of what needs to be done

Author — T Sabo


Thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. AWESOME job

Author — BRUT 82


really well-done tips and the video-edits offered a perfect blend to the commentary! Thank you.

Author — Kenn B.


Good video, to the point! Also good tips for installing on your driveway.

Author — deteoj


I bought a Curt trailer hitch made for my 2017 Nissan Rouge and this was very helpful. I had called a local auto repair shop and they wanted to charge me $250.00! You saved me a lot of money. Thank you!

Author — David Bowman


After 13 years of rust, it took me 2 hours to clear the junk off the receiving nuts for my 2007 FWD Sienna. Once the nuts are ready to receive the bolts, it took me 20 minutes to install it. A flex joint is required to do the passenger side in case you don't want to remove the exhaust pipe.

Author — H Alganis


Adam. When you installed, did you notice any play between the bolt holes of the receiver and the bolts themselves? I had a nearly identical one installed by someone else and it's pitched slightly to the right when facing the rear of the car. I'm wondering which is more likely: a sloppy install or a bent receiver.

Author — Matthew Henderson


this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you much!!!

Author — dyoooooooooon


really appreciate the video. I bought the exact hitch on Amazon. Arrives in one week. Will attempt to install and revert. :)

Author — Dodaddodis


Oh my god, just the part and the very same car that I have. Going home to do mine right now. Thank you!?!

Author — Chutuo Pouemi


Thank you for this! Now, did you do one on how to do the wiring?

Author — Mamaj Wren


I just did a Subaru Forrester and it was a bit more involved. Had to drop the exhaust, remove (and later trim) a heat shield, and use a die grinder to enlarge a couple holes in the frame. Then you feed bolts up thru that hole to the others via spring wires. Without a die grinder, you might be stuck.

Author — Chris The Other


Nice to have good neighbor's like him 💪🏼👌👍🏼

Author — Michael Valdez


Super video and showing the install instructions at the end was SUPER!! I can't get my weldnut cleaned very well.... can't even start 1 bolt... will try a M12 1.25 thread chaser

Author — Gilbert Mateer


I enjoy your videos, especially on the subjects im interested in. You are informative, knowledgeable and concise ... thank you and God Bless...

Author — Probe Team99