Watching Four (maybe more?) Tropical Systems in the Atlantic

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Watching Four (maybe more?) Tropical Systems in the Atlantic 5

Dr. Levi Cowan creates videos and blogs pertaining to tropical cyclones, primarily hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Posts occasionally concern other, non-tropical weather events around the world. Levi has a Ph.D. in meteorology from Florida State University.

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You should do more forecasting more often like this I love it

Author — JohnnyYTwest


2020 Hurricane season be like:

"And they don't stop coming. And they don't stop coming. And they don't stop coming"

Author — Kyle Denny


Human analysis is paramount in times of model uncertainty. Thanks for your expert opinions, Dr. Cowan.

Author — Chris Pierce


Holy hurricanes! This is just fascinating! Thanks Levi

Author — Christy Lehman


Love these longer more in depth videos Dr. Keep them up!

Author — Quo hime


Thank you for keeping us informed! I've been watching for years and you're the best!

Author — Carol Baldwin


Thank u Levi🌀Counting on u from southeast Ga🏝

Author — Teri Jones


I find the Paulette & Rene interplay simply intriguing. The next few days will be very interesting, as you have pointed out. Thank you and take care, amigo.

Author — Jim Perry


Thanks for this Dr Levi, will tune in for the next video

Author — Marianne Noordermeer


Thanks Levi! Great breakdown. I am looking forward to further updates.

Author — Ron242


Great video as usual...I was wondering where you were.

Author — Matthy Blessings


wow.. just found you! this is so interesting! when i was in college i took a serious meteorlogy class.. it was designed to be daily because, you know, weather is daily lol ...anyway, the professor would come in and immediately draw a map of north america on the chalk board and then give a very brief synopsis of what was going on Highs Lows etc etc and a small forecast.. we loved it! and our quizzes and final asked us to do the same.. when we left the class we could read which way the wind blows!! so great! it would be neat if someone could do that every day on youtube... no fancy graphics no nuthin ..just the chalkboard and the easy going talk.

anyway.. thanks this is great!

Author — iamlalapalooza


You are simply THE BEST. Thank you for your great analysis. :)

Author — Terri S.


These tropical tidbits are very tasty (and informative). Yum yum. Thanks Levi!

Author — NSEasternShoreChemist


Need update on sally please and thank you, hope all is well with you 🏃👈

Author — B' jasia smith


Thanks Levi. Wonderful summary. Parks worker here in Miami, FL. I don't want to be a roofer anymore, or work on a prison road gang at the park. Bless.

Author — jeffersonspace


These sensitivities may send Paulette may end up anywhere in here... *circles the entire Atlantic ocean* As you can see, its anyone's guess where it ends up.

I'm dyin. :D

Author — Andrew Priest


Here in Puerto Rico with my popcorn 🍿👀

Author — Afro Ateo


Thanks so much for talking about the storm which will come off Africa in a couple of days. We appreciate it as we live in the islands. Take care and stay safe.

Author — SoItGoesCAL34


Best weather forecaster on web
Always complete info of all models and great explanation

Author — Skinny D Rodz