[MUGEN 2014] Team Blasting Impacts vs. Adrian's characters

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In this video, I'm fighting against Adrian's characters and edits. I already fought his Buzz Lightyear and Adrian himself a while back, so I decided to fight them again, along with the other characters, which I did not fought them in a video. These characters and edits for other characters are horrible, because they have ugly sprites, horrible coding, some characters have glitches, overpoweredness and these characters are ruined as well. Although the 3 characters that are not included in this video are: Albatross, because he's too easy to beat after he gets knocked out. Foxy, because this character is too difficult and impossible to beat with characters on my team and Yahoo, because this one was just a punching bag. Overall, these characters and his edits are terrible. I hope you all enjoy this special abomination video. ;-)

Guy by Phantom of the Server
MvC2 Dan Hibiki by Mouser
Bulleta (aka Baby Bonnie Hood) by KoopaKoot
Sakuya Izayoi by RicePigeon
Amingo by Kamekaze
Hsien-Ko by Vs Style Debuts Team
Bubblun by Gladiacloud
Tron Bonne by LegendaryXM90 (NOT SHOWN)
Jose by EnvyMask666
Nanashi Kimura by Rikard (NOT SHOWN)
Lilith Aensland by Warusaki3 (NOT SHOWN)
All opponents by Adrian

Match 1:
Stage: Train Stage from Capcom vs. SNK Pro
BGM: The Bringer of War from Dynasty Warriors 5

Match 2:
Stage: TransSiberian
BGM: Same

Match 3:
Stage: Hell's Gate (Shinnosuke Kagami's second stage) from The Last Blade
BGM: Shinnosuke Kagami's theme from The Last Blade (comes with stage)

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La musique vient pas de Dynastie Warrior 5 à la première battle?

Author — Benjamin Nagy